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Always bits of anger for which forgiveness is necessary

We all have, to some degree, hard bits of anger and irritation because of what is ‘done’ to us and for which we have yet to give forgiveness. Perhaps in the meantime, we have forgotten what it was about, nevertheless the hard bits remain present. They can arise within us as, for instance, a feeling of nausea or another physical symptom.

Important for well-being and health

Giving forgiveness is really important for your own well-being and health. Over the course of time, more and more scientific proof is found for this. Forgiveness however, is not always easy. Sometimes you think you forgave, but it keeps gnawing deeply inside yourself. At an unguarded moment, the inner anger may reach your conscious awareness. It is continuously present deep within you and has negative influences both on your body and your mind.

Not analysing, doing

With this session - just like elsewhere with AURELIS - you are not going to analyze yourself. This is not needed for a communication with your deeper self. Given on the other side that it costs much time and energy, it’s not functional. Contrary to this, with AURELIS you get the chance, if you wish, to forgive deep within yourself, to the advantage of others and yourself. Through this, you really make yourself free of the chronic anger that otherwise continues working deeply within you like a strong acid.

Cleansing your own soul

Forgiving deeply is like cleansing your own soul. For that purpose, you do not even need to know where the dirt comes from. With superficial forgiveness, chronic anger and aggression can attach to your soul for a very long time. It is then like a mat under which you sweep the dirt to get rid of it, but only in appearance. Deep forgiveness, in which you are supported with this indication, is like a brush with which you really sweep the dirt outside. To come entirely clean with your aggression, the combination with the indication ‘Aggression’ is in addition to this one, very interesting.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Dark spots in your white landscape
    Small dark spots in your imagination represent suffering that is difficult to forgive. You do not mind if they stay until you are ready. This acceptance helps the spots diminish or disappear.
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  • The large compassion
    You feel a large sense of compassion, large enough for the whole universe. Your personal situation and  what has been done to you, easily dissolve.
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  • The purifying fire
    If you are ready for it, you step through a purifying fire that purifies you of your anger and irritation. The fire itself is your deepest possible forgiveness.
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  • Stone of wisdom - conditions for forgiveness
    You are sitting on a special large rock in a very beautiful landscape near the sea. You think about the conditions under which you could entirely forgive a specific suffering.
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  • Forgiveness as a present
    In your imagination, you put your forgiveness in a special box with beautiful packing. You do not directly give this bundle to the other person, but you place it somewhere on a spot that is relevant to what happened. The bundle dissolves and the forgiveness blends with its surroundings.
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