Feelings of inferiority

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Prominent or on background

Feelings of inferiority can be very obstinate and prominent. They can also determine, in an underlying way, how someone thinks, feels and behaves. Then you are not burdened by the feelings themselves, but they nevertheless play a trick on you because you always get in the inferior position. In both cases, it's important to deal with them in a clean way.

The cause

There are of course much possible causes for feelings of inferiority. Retrieving this is not important in itself, as an intellectual action. It can be interesting, however, that you send your forgiveness to the causes. Try to think as little as possible in terms of guilt. Guilt (also that of others) is itself an important cause of feelings of inferiority. No guilt therefore, but the responsibility for yourself to proceed in a way as good as possible.

You are such as you are

Each individual is different, but not worth less or more than others. Eventually you are as a complete person the best result of who you are by nature and by the circumstances in which you have grown up and are growing increasingly further. You simply are such as you are. It is not a question of 'value'. However, you of course always keep the responsibility to try to make something of yourself and of your life in the future. This responsibility also belongs to who you are. If it is real responsibility, it doesn't lead to guilt afterwards. Life always proceeds. Don't let yourself be imprisoned by looking back.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The simple perception of feelings of inferiority
    You only observe. You feel no guilt or regret. You pass absolutely no judgment; whatever feelings you have are here now and always okay.
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  • Burying the feelings
    In your imagination, your own feelings of inferiority have died. Let this only happen if you can be entirely committed to it. At each moment you show very much respect. Also, after the disappearance of these feelings you grow an affinity to them, but only from a physical distance. They no longer 'live' inside you.
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  • Each person is eventually worth equally much
    This is a meditation about an idea: that in the deepest layer of humanity, nobody is inferior in respect to anyone else. Everyone has an infinitely important 'soul' and in everyone 'the whole universe' is present.
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  • The disappearance of comparing yourself to others
    Many people are constantly comparing themselves to others, consciously and subconsciously. In this session, you learn how this continuous comparison is not necessary  has no real reason to exist. If you don't compare, then you also cannot find anyone (for example yourself) more or less worthy.
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  • Contact with your 'life guide' which deems you very important
    In imagination, you come into contact with your life guide. For one or more reasons this guide finds you very important. A feeling of inferiority has no place in this, you find that you can distance yourself from this feeling.
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