Fear of flying

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Non-rational fear of flying

A lot of people have fear of flying. Films concerning plane calamities or news items concerning hijacks naturally don’t do much good. This fear can even increase towards a phobia. A rational statement on how safe flying actually is, is then of little or no help since the fear itself is not rational. Fear of flying can continue to exist for a very long time and it can perpetuate itself through negative experiences, in reality and in memory or imagination.

Fear behind fear of flying

Behind fear of flying other fears often lie hidden. It‘s these background fears that cause much energy (stress, feelings of fear, physical symptoms). It is very important to take this into account without having to dig deeply inside yourself. This indication is at least a very interesting aid. Fear of flying is among other things often connected with a general feeling of loss of control. In a plane, you cannot escape, even if the most terrible thing happens. Taking off and landing are the most difficult moments because you effectively feel that all kinds of things happen around you, over which you have no control.

With AURELIS there is no fight

With AURELIS, you do not fight your own fear of flying. You approach the problem as it were from the other side: not by an attack on reinforced walls, but from within. This has major consequences for you. Because of this, your fear of flying not only diminishes or disappears, you also become a more powerful person. This is in contrast to a superficial method where you risk staying behind with a mental scar and a lot of negative energy that searches the same or a different outlet (such as depressive feelings) over the course of time.

A phobia for flying

The transition between "ordinary" fear of flying and a phobia for flying is very gradual. If you experience your reactions tending towards being phobic, then it may also be interesting to you to use the indication`Phobia -general’.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Flying like a bird
    When you are ready, you take off like a bird. You have complete control. You can enjoy it. In the sky everything - including youreself - is entirely relaxed.
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  • You are a pilot in a simulator
    In your imagination, you are a pilot in training, busy with a simulation exercise. The whole time you remain on the ground but feel as though you are flying. There is no rational reason to be frightened.
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  • In the plain with a 'transfer-device'
    In your imagination, you are in a plane. You have a special device (a 'transfer module') with which you can escape through a simple push of a button. The whole time you are completely relaxed, at the slightest fear are you gone.
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  • You are in control of the airplane
    You imagine being in a plane as a passenger, but you have complete control: the engines start when you wish them to, the plane takes off when you wish. You can even joke.
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  • You see yourself fly
    You imagine yourself sitting in a plane and experience no emotions. There is absolutely no danger, because the`me' that you see is not real, even in your imagination.
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