Fear of failure

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Fear can be very paralysing. You see that in the first place in the case of fear of failure, with the vicious circle failure through fear fear to fail. It is very difficult to escape from this circle without aid, because it continuously reinforces itself to a high degree. The only way to break through the circle, is by stepping out of it and acquiring experiences that fill the groove of the circle with alternatives.

Reinforce a good circle

With AURELIS you have the possibility to acquire such experiences without the circle pulling you back to itself. In this way you reinforce another circle: succes through confidence confidence in success.

Building up self-confidence

Moreover you can also work with AURELIS on a building up of the necessary self-confidence if that is part of the problem (see indication ‘Self-confidence’) and on the fear itself (see indication (‘Fear – General’). Take also a look at the indications ‘Relaxation’ and ‘Relieve your Stress’.

Occasion to recovery and strengthening

A past experience of failing acts upon you as long as you don’t incorporate that experience well. Also with this AURELIS offers you an excellent aid. Through this the negative circle grooves less deeply and also through this you get the occasion to recovery and strengthening.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Separating from each other the fear response and the performance
    With this session you practise reaching a performance without fear determining the outcome.
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  • Reliving a previous experience of failure in a positive way
    In your imagination you repeat a previous concrete experience of failure in a positive way. You use your imagination not to change the event itself, but your interpretation of it.
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  • Always again standing up and restarting with even more energy
    'Failing' means one thing to you in this session: standing up again and restarting. You don't let yourself be beaten, instead, you get more energy to persevere.
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  • Using small successes in order to increase your confidence in success
    Small successes make your confidence grow in order to gain bigger successes. This exercise prepares you for that purpose.
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  • 'Loading' yourself with positive energy
    In your imagination you are like a battery that is charged with positive energy. This energy is focused towards success without fear of failure.
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