Fear of exams

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What is necessary or rather an obstruction

Every student knows it. The examinations are approaching and you want more time to process the heaps of papers and stuff. For the one, examination stress is exactly what he needs in order to have sufficient energy to study. For the other it is rather an obstacle to his concentration.

Handling it in an appropriate way

You should not remove examination stress just like that. You have to learn to handle it in an appropriate way. This is: minimising the negative stress, optimising the positive stress. More easily said than done. In this indication specifically for the student (aged 10 to 100) some AURELIS exercises have been developed with which you can learn to positively approach your examination stress. It is a good idea to start with this before the period of examinations rumbles over you. But even if you start during the examination period you can be helped by this, although it is far better to be able to base yourself already on earlier experiences.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • After the examination - everything goes well
    You imagine yourself after the examination. You were not overly burdened by fear and everything has gone well. You can now look ahead to another exam with more confidence.
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  • Focusing on positive aspects during the examination itself
    You imagine yourself while you are doing the examination. You put special emphasis on everything that is positive and are hardly troubled, if at all, by stress.
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  • Reversing a black-out by opening doors within yourself
    You imagine that a black-out threatens to come over you, but you easily overcome the threat by opening doors in your own imagination.
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  • Letting stress temporarily free
    You let all feelings of stress behind you during the day. During this time there are no more feelings of stress. The next day you may have stress again but not today.
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  • Not letting a previous bad experience determine your expectation
    If you have experienced severe stress before, you don't need to suffer from it next time. With this exercise you change a negative expectation into a positive one.
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