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No blunting of emotions

With equanimity is not meant the blunting of your emotions. But instead of this: the softening of them, becoming more ‘gentle’ but at the same time also more ‘powerful’. Equanimity is a good basis for powerful emotions. For example, by mixing a desire (for a person, an idea, a material matter) with frustration, it can less easily come to expression as desire. It is also a fear of frustration. A positive pursuit becomes in such a setting rather a negative repulsion. Equanimity however, takes away the frustration and also the fear for frustration. This does not blunt the desire, on the contrary.

Meaning of equanimity

It is not being dragged along by your own feelings. You are the one who feels, therefore not (anymore) the one who is being felt. If you wish, you have control over your feelings, therefore, you can generally let them free and enjoy them. This is a deep kind of pleasure. You allow yourself to live fully, to be human and always positively appreciate your own feelings.

Equanimity as ‘happiness’

This is in fact an indication about ‘being happy’, but a form of it that takes into account your complete person. One can also ‘be happy’ in only one part of one’s person, what then sooner or later, becomes mixed with a feeling of non-satisfaction and an unceasing, even frustrating ‘search for happiness’. In equanimity, happiness is present as a quality with permanent character. Equanimity takes away the reasons to feel oneself unhappy. The feeling of happiness then arises spontaneously from within yourself.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Meditation high on a mountain
    You are sitting like a zen master high on a mountain, meditating about ‘equanimity’. While you do this you enjoy the landscape and feel the equanimity coming over you. It is a very pleasant feeling.
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  • Reliving a situation in equanimity
    In your imagination you relive a true situation. You bring as much equanimity as possible and try to keep the pleasure and deepen it.
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  • Letting a beautiful feeling grow in equanimity
    You focus on a beautiful feeling within that you allow to grow and thrive like a lotus flower on a pond of equanimity. It’s a poetic setting, but at the same time a very concrete feeling. During this session and afterwards, this feeling becomes very powerful and possibly flows into a feeling of deep happiness.
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  • You, ‘master of feelings’
    You can get in touch with your feelings so they exist entirely external to you. You are the leader who sets the borders and within these borders allows all freedom. At the same time you preserve the feeling of inner solidarity with all your feelings.
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  • Dancing with feelings
    You allow your own feelings to dance with together and you dance a beautiful, interesting dance with them that forms freely, almost automatically. It is a dance that radiates happiness. Everyone who dances together, is glad in his or her own way. Nothing else is needed becaus everything is perfect.
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