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Superficial and deep pleasure

There is a big difference between superficial pleasure and deep pleasure. In a culture addicted to superficial pleasure, deep pleasure runs a risk of being discarded.

Your deeper self comes to life

In order to reach ‘deep pleasure’, you need your deeper self. You can even say that deep pleasure is the same as coming to life in your deeper self. This shows itself in the meaning-to-you of what happens outside of you as well as within you. It matters little whether the meaningful something is massive or small. You can deeply enjoy a wonderful landscape or a fantastic concert. You can also deeply enjoy the beauty of a flower petal or the sound of a cricket. You can, however not deeply enjoy anything without your deeper self being touched.

An invitation to ‘be

Deeply enjoying lies very close to the core of AURELIS autosuggestion. It is a communication to your deeper self, in this case not directly leading to ‘growth’, but to ‘being’. In order to better reach this ‘being’, ‘growth’ is important. This AURELIS indication is an aid to that purpose. These sessions form an invitation to your deeper self to be more open to spontaneous being, the being-present in your environment. At the same time, it indicates symbolic ways in which this journey can be undertaken. By opening yourself to this, you lend your deeper self the freedom to start this journey. The deeper enjoyment not only lies at the end of the journey, but also everywhere else.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • In search of your sources of deep pleasure
    There is a great difference between superficial and deep pleasure that heightens your well-being as a whole person. This session helps you make this distinction in your specific situation.
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  • Learning to enjoy the small things (as well as the big things)
    On the basis of one or more concrete examples from your own life you learn to (re)discover within yourself the appreciation of small things as well as big things.
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  • Your life in itself as a source of much pleasure
    This is a meditation of  your life as a source of pleasure. Irrespective of how your life is now, there are always possibilities for finding more pleasure in living itself.
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  • Enjoying all life around you
    Life around you becomes a continuing source of joy by opening yourself to it. This lends you a very free and delivering feeling.
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  • Enjoy the 'here and now' of soon
    You learn to enjoy each moment and you immediately apply this to concrete moments after this session.
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