Elegant movement - dancing

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The beauty from within

Elegant movements and attitudes show how beauty comes from within. Elegance makes people beautiful if they do not correspond by nature to an occasional ideal of beauty. It 'radiates' as it were from within. The beauty of elegance is the beauty within, made visible to others.

It can only be spontaneous

Real elegance can be imitated only with difficulty or not at all. In a direct manner it is almost not related to any kind of rules. It can only radiate outside in a spontaneous way. Someone with a real eye for elegance, rather quickly sees through an 'artificial game'. You can therefore not enforce it, but you can invite it within yourself and this way let it grow from within. For this reason, this is also a very good AURELIS indication.

Wider importance for your whole life

An elegant bodily attitude is also an elegant attitude to life. Body and mind are one, certainly in this most natural domain. For this reason, a non-made - therefore real - elegance immediately has an influence on your whole body and mind, deeper health and deeper well-being. It is important for your whole life. In addition to this, it is something of which you can appropriately be proud. It is your own creation of yourself as an 'object of art' that you and others can enjoy. It is your most personal present to life itself.

Also a question of self-confidence

Elegance is also related to self-confidence, but it is certainly not equal to it. Deep self-confidence (without arrogance) is rather a condition. For this, you can take a look at the AURELIS indication 'Self-confidence'.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your 'deeper self' always moves first
    In your imagination, it is as if each movement and even non - movement is preceded by the same 'movement' by your deeper self. Your 'I' therefore follows everything your deeper self does, and by nature takes on the most natural and 'elegant' attitudes.
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  • You are elegant for someone whom you admire
    You imagine someone whom you admire and who has a good eye for elegance, who appreciates it always and who enjoys it. You do your best to be elegant as naturally as possible for the sake of that other person and you succeed very well.
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  • A very elegant person fades into you
    You are at a special place in your imagination: you feel how a very elegant person (who in fact is yourself) fades into your body and how your whole body and mind are implanted with a thorough, extensive elegance.
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  • The most elegant dance
    You let yourself go entirely in a dance  you perform elegantly. Everything fits and you feel that you can do this and leave behind your judgment and attempt(s) to control. It happens 100% spontaneously and you learn something new and miraculous about yourself.
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  • Your deeper self grows within you and opens itself like a flower
    You feel a very light tingling in your whole body. You know this is your 'deeper self' that pervades your inner space more and more. This way, all your movements and attitudes become elegant. This is a perfect combination of nature and culture within you that others see immediately. It determines your future in all aspects.
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