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Assimilation at an emotional level

Pain during intercourse can have very different causes. A pushed through analysis of this is not necessary, nor desirable. This does not mean that those causes are not important. In order to enjoy more comfortable and pleasant experiences, it is not very important to consciously and rationally understand these causes.It is much more important to assimilate them at an emotional level. This can happen by coping with the symptom in a symbolic manner.AURELIS offers the necessary aid for that purpose so that this emotional processing becomes feasible to everyone.

Absolutely not feeling guilty

In most cases dyspareunia is influenced by emotions. A woman with dyspareunia should absolutely not feel guilty for this, even if she is aware of a mental cause within herself. However, she has a responsibility and that responsibility is especially directed towards her own pleasure.

Growth of yourself as a total person

Applying AURELIS means working on yourself, on a growth of yourself as a total person and also at a deep level on the relation with the other, in this case in the first place your sexual partner(s). Overcoming an episode of dyspareunia can make you grow towards a gentle self acceptance that transforms you into a richer person than you would ever have become without this experience. This is not purely a negative experience to you, but especially a positive chance.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Projection into the future and ecological validation
    You imagine yourself in a future self-image, when you are no longer burdened by pain or tension in your vaginal area during love-making. You feel within yourself the advantages and the disadvantages of this.
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  • Clenched fist technique
    You collect all the tension and pain that you have during intercourse in a clenched fist. Afterwards, you can let all of your tension and pain disappear by opening your fist.
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  • Exercise in soft self acceptance
    You focus all of your attention to your vagina and imagine all the pleasant and  less pleasant feelings  you have during intercourse. Each time you encounter something, you give it a small amount of self-acceptance.
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  • Modification of a memory
    You remember a time when it didn't go well during intercourse. Anything that is not desirable, you can now adapt in your imagination. This way you form in your imagination a new memory that acts as a communication to your subconscious.
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  • Imagination: you are at the same time a lake and a swimmer in that lake
    In your imagination you feel yourself becoming one with a lake and at the same time with a swimmer in that lake. The swimmer is a symbol for the part of you that makes conscious decisions. The lake is a symbol for nature, including the nature within yourself. When the swimmer and lake are well coordinated, the pain during intercourse loses its reason of existence.
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