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Suffering from loss of soul

‘Depression’ is frequently consequence of a loss (of an ideal, a dream, a life’s plan, or something minor but with a big symbolic value to you, even if it’s mainly unconsciously so). You loose a piece of ‘yourself’ (your ‘soul’ as it is named in certain cultures) and you suffer from that. This suffering-from-loss-of-soul is what in present days is usually called ‘depression’. Take care: if only the suffering is taken away, then the loss of the soul is not mended. An appropriate use of AURELIS can put you on the right track. Central in AURELIS is an optimum communication with your deeper self. Through this communication you strongly heighten the chance that your own soul can let itself be healed again. This is the only really causal and thorough cure or ‘healing’. The part that you lost, comes back to you and you become again the whole person that you were before. Through the experience of depression and an appropriate healing from it, you become stronger and richer than ever before.

Mild and severe forms

With mild forms of depression, you can start using AURELIS exclusively. With more severe forms of depression, we recommend you to get psychological or psychiatric help. This is on itself no contra-indication for the use of AURELIS, but in such cases it had better be used always in accordance with your therapist. Your experiences with AURELIS then form a good basis for conversation.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • 5 minutes STOP of all feelings of depression
    Through repeated exercise you learn the ability to postpone your own fantasies and emotions for a limited period of time. You can then use this to avoid heightened feelings of depression.
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  • Searching, accepting and avoiding negative autosuggestions
    With this session, you actively search for autosuggestions in your daily life that normally heighten your feelings of depression. You learn how to avoid their influence upon you in the future.
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  • Gradual diminishment of depressive feelings
    A depression seldom disappears suddenly. You can however, work with certain expectations on gradual diminishment that become clear only after a period of time.
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  • Keep working at night on resolving your depression
    During sleep, your unconscious gives all kinds of memories and associations a place in your personality. Now you can give your unconscious the message to work at night on a less depressive self, not only for the following day(s), but the rest of your life.
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  • In a tent where no dark thoughts are accepted
    In your imagination, you see a big tent. You are sitting in a circle with other guests around a little fire inside that tent. You enjoy the atmosphere: everything is cozy and fulfilling. No dark feelings or thoughts are possible in this special place.
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  • As a bird in the sky, free and without worries
    In your imagination you are a bird, completely free and without worries. You have no reason to feel the least bit depressed. You can easily avoid the depression that sometimes hangs like a cloud over you.
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