Deep cleansing of wider self

Heal Your Self 

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The wider self: body and mind as one whole

In reality, body and mind are not separated from each other. They are just 2 ways to look at the same thing. Science too has accepted this point of view, although in practice people think very much dualistic. With AURELIS, and especially in this indication, the idea of unity is lying at the basis.

Deep cleansing

With this indication, you can approach the unity of body and mind in an intensely 'purifying' way. Small and larger impurities are filtered out. You 'cleanse' yourself and through this you can start the rest of your life unburdened by old matters. You can feel the effect of this cleansing in your body and mind, and in a deeper sense in your 'wider self'.

Deep feeling of purity

You get a deep feeling of purity, but remain yourself of course. At the outside, and at first glance, little changes. It happens within. People in your surroundings can notice that you look more radiant. Your expression can become more lively, your movements more natural and fluent. It is also possible that others (including the other gender) spontaneously feel more attracted to you. This shouldn't astonish you and you can simply enjoy it.

Some times each year a 'cleansing period'

You can make a habit of doing this indication several times each year during some days or weeks. It is a kind of 'big cleansing' that makes you purer, clearer and more powerful during the whole year.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Cleansing with much pure water
    In your imagination, you are standing on a rock under a waterfall. The water flows everywhere around and through you. The small impurities that are present inside you, slowly loosen and disappear. You feel enormously pure.
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  • The purifying body scan
    You follow ;your attention slowly and repeatedly through your entire body, from your feet to your head and back again. Everywhere you feel that it's needed, you let impurities 'dissolve' into the air around you.
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  • You step forward and leave impurities behind
    In imagination you step forward. You sense strongly the unity of your body and mind, as if you are stepping out of the impurities. These simply remain lingering in the air behind you and then disappear into nothing.
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  • You follow pure tones and as a result you too become pure yourself
    You imagine the sound of pure tones, each one an invitation for you to go along and you too become purer.
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  • Your respiration becomes a special place of purification
    The oxygen that you inhale attaches itself to impurities. At each exhalation you exhale these impurities. You breathe slowly and concentrate on this. You can continue this exercise after the session.
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