Dancing from inside

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A kind of Tai-chi

You can compare ‘dancing from inside’ with Tai-chi (making slow spontaneous movements, popular in China and also more and more in the West). This is a kind of Tai-chi in the mind. You can of course vary it with real movements. You can also make real, slow movements during the sessions according to what you prefer.

Inner freedom

This indication is an exercise in inner freedom. You let yourself be physically free and follow your own spontaneous movements, be it in imagination or reality. Through this, you get the impression that your body all of a sudden moves automatically. This indication is about such spontaneous movements. There is nothing strange in this. In fact, you move your body for the largest part automatically. Through this additional step, you become much more conscious of it yourself.

Sometimes somewhat surprisingly

Your deeper self gets a new freedom to express itself by means of your body. This can be somewhat surprising the first time, but there is nothing to worry about. It is almost always a very pleasant surprise. You can of course stop the exercise at any moment that you wish so. It is never necessary to force something. You will notice that after a short time it becomes more pleasant and simply better.

Sensitive to ‘cosmic energy

This indication is also an exercise in being sensitive to what has long been known in China as ‘chi’ or ‘cosmic energy’. I don’t make any claim about what this ‘cosmic energy’ is. Most importantly, this says nothing about the question whether this ‘chi’ comes from yourself or from the ‘cosmos’ outside you. For the application of this indication, this is not important. You are entirely free in your own interpretation. The fact is that in any way you can use ‘it’ effectively. With this indication, you have a very interesting aid for this purpose.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Visualisation of yourself while dancing
    You see yourself dancing and at the same time you are yourself while dancing. This combination of seeing and feeling yourself, makes the dancing even more intense. It is a feeling of intense joy of living and energy.
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  • Dancing colors
    During this session you imagine not seeing yourself dance, but instead see colors that turn around each other and carry out a kind of dance. At a deeper level, however, these colors symbolize you.
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  • Dancing with a point in space
    You dance with a very special 'dancing partner'. It is not a person, but a point in the space before you that symbolizes the real center of yourself. There is a very powerful dynamic in the game of continuing attraction and avoidance of each other.
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  • The very slow dance of yourself
    You follow your own body dancing, and invite yourself to make very slow movements. You do not enforce this, it is simply an invitation. By the inertia of your movements you have the opportunity to observe and feel them.
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  • Following and leading a 'divine' dancer
    A dance with two. Alternatively, you are the one who follows and leads the dance. Your partner is someone with a 'divine' air, who gives you confidence the entire time. At no moment do you touch each other. Following or leading happens from a small distance, perhaps even somewhat telepathically.
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