Conscious breathing

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'Breathing consciously' to deep rest

'Breathing consciously' means you remain with your attention continuously focused on your breathing or that any time your attention wanders away, you always quickly return. Your breathing becomes as it were, your guide in meditation. The actual aim of concentration on breathing is that this helps you let go of other ideas. This way you reach a deep relaxation. Through this deep relaxation, your breathing itself can become even quieter in a self perpetuating pattern.

Of all times

In every age, breathing has had a special spiritual meaning. For example, in ancient Greek as well as in ancient Indian languages, the term for 'breath' also meant 'mind'. This indication is a way to work with this insight at a practical level. Some age-old techniques of meditative breathing have also been put in a new jacket. Therefore East and West, old and new meet here.

Very favorable influence on general health

There is no doubt that deep and very quiet breathing has a favorable influence upon general health. Your whole body and mind profit of this. In addition to this, your breathing is something of which you can think the whole day through and with which you can do a short exercise, for example in the traffic-jam or during other occupations. Nobody needs to see it. At least it is a good antidote for excessive stress.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Breathing at the rhythm of a slow metronome
    During this session, you hear the ticking of a metronome. At each click you return with your attention at your breathing. This is an extremely good aid to concentrate yourself and meditate.
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  • With your attention at breathing through your nose
    You focus your attention on the flowing of  air through your nostrils. Each inhalation and exhalation bring a new dose of rest and relaxation.
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  • Breathing with your whole body
    In imagination you feel how the breath not only goes through your nose and towards your lungs, but through your whole body, which becomes this breathing and this breath.
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  • Slow deep breathing brings deep meditative rest
    You breathe  slowly and deeply, taking care that this remains  comfortable. You start to feel how a deep rest goes through your whole being. At each session you go exactly as deep as you wish yourself.
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  • The space in which you find yourself, breathes together with you and gives you strength
    You can determine how widely you want to see this space. You feel a large involvement in a special way. Moreover, you have the impression that everything sympathizes and breathes with you. This gives you a very good, deep feeling.
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