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Auto-immune disorders

With colitis is meant here: colitis ulcerosa and Crohn’s disease. These are both auto-immune disorders, whereby the immune system makes antibodies against cells and tissue of the own body, in this case against certain proteins in the bowel wall. Look at the indication: ‘Strengthening the immune system.’ As with any auto-immune disorder, it is important to make the relation between your psyche and your immune system optimal.

Distress leads to deterioration

Both disorders know a chronic course with periods of recovery and deterioration. Distress is clearly a factor that paves the way to deterioration, especially if it is accompanied with a large amount of auto-aggression or, often lurking nearby, depression, with even a hidden death wish. In this respect, you can also use suggestive aid at looking your own problems in the eyes: self exploration, symptom exploration.

All kinds of negative emotions are co-determinative

All kinds of negative emotions are co-determinative for the frequency and seriousness of attacks. For instance, already very long lasting fear, tensions that one does not dare to tackle. Or for instance difficulties with digesting tensions, especially in relations. It is then important to give appropriate attention to these emotions. Several AURELIS indications can help you.

General relaxation and self-confidence

General relaxation is important, especially when specifically oriented to the bowels. Strengthening of self-confidence can also mean a big aid. Someone with a large amount of self-confidence already quickly has less auto-aggression.

AURELIS is totally non-aggressive

AURELIS is a totally non-aggressive support for yourself towards a diminishment of problems. You evolve at your own time and pace. You learn to send friendliness to and receive it from your own bowels, as a symbol for your own deeper self.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • With friendly hands to your bowels
    You use friendly hands to reach your large intestines and you support, massage or simply caress your bowels everywhere this feels well. Deep lying aggression disappears from your bowels into all directions and as a result, causes no more damage.
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  • Inflammation disappears with the bowel movement
    The wall of your large intestines is constantly renewed. You can use this process to quickly remove the inflammation material that piles up. With this indication you give yourself additional support.
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  • Weakening the deterioration, promoting improvement
    Slowly you try to reduce each bit of deterioration and seize each improvement to get something from it, eventually as much as possible.
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  • Developing strong bowels
    'Strong' does not mean 'hard'. On the contrary, a strong bowel is one that can react well to all kinds of situations, with strength and gentleness.
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  • Bits of inflammation become butterflies that fly away
    Bits of inflammation in your bowels become just like butterflies that fly away. Each butterfly represents only a small bit of inflammation, but by the steady work the inflammation quickly diminishes in a tangible degree.
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Scientific References
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