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Pain is always a feeling of pain

You cannot measure pain as you can measure for instance your body temperature. Pain is always an emotional feeling of pain. This makes pain not less real, but always connected to mental factors. This means to you in the first place that you carry inside yourself a powerful instrument with which you can influence your pain. It is scientifically proven that even the most powerful painkillers such as morphine act for 50 percent through the suggestion that they work. This is the so-called ‘placebo-effect’;

Suggestion in an open and direct manner

With the AURELIS-method, you use that same principle, but in a thoroughly open and direct way. In other words: you use yourself for what you are worth, and that is a whole lot. AURELIS is clearly not a usual pain therapy. In an appropriate way and totally from within yourself it lets you evolve to a richer person to which the (mainly chronic) pain is needed in a far less pronounced degree. The result is not only that you feel less pain, but that within yourself you can progress very much towards a more satisfying life without this chronic pain. This is the only ‘side effect’ of AURELIS. One caution: do not let the diminishment of your pain lead you towards stopping any other therapy without the advice of a physician.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Imagination: flow control for pain control
    Imagination. The pain pathways in the body follow different directions, similar to an electrical circuit. By visualizing this, you can lead pain to different pathways. It is best to try this several times before determining its effectiveness.
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  • Less pain through relaxation
    Relaxation on its own, frequently lessens the feeling of pain. With this session, you can take full advantage of this phenomenon.
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  • Gradual diminishment of pain
    Pain rarely disappears at once. In most cases however, a decrease in the feeling of pain is possible. A series of small steps makes one big step.
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  • Moving the painful area
    The area of maximum pain is slightly changed or even transposed towards a different body part. In this manner, you learn to exert control over an important aspect of the pain. This can lead you to total control over your pain.
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  • Imagination of setting sun
    Connect aspects of your pain to the setting sun. Just like the sun, the pain changes its color, etc. before disappearing (going down) completely.
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  • Feeling of numbness instead of pain
    For this session to be effective, you must already have some control over your physical sensations. You can improve that control by repeating the session itself.
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  • Leaving your body behind with the pain
    In your thoughts, you leave behind your body and go to an imagined safe spot. Great empathy is needed to achieve this.
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  • Reinterpreting pain as protection
    You do not need to have any more pain than is necessary to protect yourself against overload. By learning to interpret the pain that remains as a protection, your pain becomes your own friend rather than your enemy.
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  • Imagination: gradually changing numbers
    Each number is an anchor for a certain quantity of pain. By learning to change the numbers you exercise control over your pain.
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  • Catching the pain in a closed fist
    You collect the pain in a clenched fist. Afterwards, you can let your pain disappear by opening your fist.
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  • Imagination: you are at the same time a lake and a swimmer in that lake
    In your imagination you feel yourself becoming one with a lake and at the same time with a swimmer in that lake. The swimmer is symbol for the part of you that makes conscious decisions. The lake is a symbol for nature, also the nature within yourself. If the swimmer and lake are well coordinated, chronic pain loses much of its reason for existence.
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  • Loose muscles through mental warmth and massage
    You can do this exercise outside of physical warmth treatment or massages. If you have already received such a treatment, you can use that memory.
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  • Imagination: declaring your own good intention to your symptom
    You imagine your pain as you choose, then you give your pain the message that you are open to cooperation. You therefore accept the pain and want to work towards a better solution.
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  • Raising the effect of medication
    Medicines ALWAYS has a better effect (without more side effects!) if you mentally orient yourself in a positive way to its effectiveness. You can obtain the best advantage of this through exercise.
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  • Imagination: control panel with influence on pain
    Using your imagination, you learn to exercise direct control over your pain. This requires deep empathy.
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  • Selective amnesia for episodes of pain
    You quickly 'forget' episodes of pain and as a result, you are less liekly to fall under the spell of chronic pain that always repeats itself.
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  • Time distortion for reduction of the pain
    Subjectively shorten the periods during which you experience pain.
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Scientific References
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