Chronic itch

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Possible causes

There are of course, many possible causes of chronic itch, among which many physical causes and a number of medicines. Your physician can guide you well in a thorough research of this. Both local and generalized itch can, however also have a mainly mental cause or perpetuating factor. It is very important to remain open for this.

A game of attention

Mentally seen, itch is mainly a game of attention. Behind the itch lies something that is asking for your attention. That can be attention in order to reach knowledge or to do something. ‘My hands are itching’, you say then, ‘to start with it’. But the more superficial attention (attention purely to the symptom itself) that you give to the itch, the worse it becomes and/or the longer it lasts. The itch asks for a deeper attention. With superficial attention, you reinforce the request. With deep attention, you give an appropriate answer. Deep attention is attention to the symptom as a symbol for the underlying cause.

Avoiding attention as treatment

The less superficial attention you give, the more rapidly the itch passes. By rubbing or scratching, the itch is only perpetuated. An ointment with a cooling effect mainly works in the same manner. It lures the attention away from the itch itself. In addition to this, you scratch less in order not to remove the ointment. Two ways, therefore to reduce superficial attention. A non-cortisone ointment probably even helps only by means of these mechanisms and therefore not directly. Anyway, another effect has not yet been proven.

AURELIS for deep attention

With AURELIS, you have an aid to realize the deep attention that the symptom (and your deeper self) asks for. In a totally non-aggressive way, you get a communication with your deeper self. The chronic itch is then no longer nourished from within, but only by a superficial vicious circle of scratching - itch - scratching. With a diminishment of superficial attention, you then easily come out of the circle.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A coolness that dissipates the itch
    You feel a coolness coming over your skin. This can happen in several ways, even at the same time and your itch quickly diminishes.
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  • Think back of a cooling ointment
    Perhaps you have already used a cooling ointment (or powder) to reduce your itch. You can now recall this and let its effect - even at a deeper level - come over you.
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  • An invisible blanket comes over you, that removes the itch
    You imagine an invisible blanket cover you everywhere, touching your skin. This blanket removes the itch. It can more or less stick to your skin so its effect is permanent.
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  • The desire to scratch, simply disappears
    You have an itch and desire to scratch. You let this desire simply be itself. This is possible because in this deep relaxation you have the strength to simply observe your desire, without it controlling you.
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  • Attention to yourself leads away attention to the itch
    With this exercise, you can exchange your itch for knowledge about the exact cause of this itch. This 'knowledge' is more a feeling than rational knowledge. You then give attention to this new knowledge and as a result, you lead away your attention from the itch.
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Scientific References
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