Chronic hickup

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Chronic hickup can turn life into an inferno

Everyone has a hickup once in a while. This is generally not disturbing. Sometimes, however, that hickup continues for days or even longer. This can turn life into an inferno and sometimes leads to an operation whereby a specific nerve is irrevocably cut through, with many side effects. Even this does not assuredly give a good result concerning the hickup. It is then certainly interesting to try all other possibilities. With this indication, you attain a possibility that is rationally founded.

Possible causes

Hickup is provoked by an overstimulation of a certain nerve that controls the diaphragm. This can have several physical causes that certainly need to be excluded. It has been scientifically proven, however that suggestion and emotional factors often play a big role as only cause or as additional factor besides a physical cause. This last, of course, points to  each person with chronic hickup to the need of a thorough medical-physical examination.


Several remedies exist to stop an occasional hickup: retaining the breath, drinking a glass of water, etc. Probably the expectation (the autosuggestion) that through this the hickup will decrease, plays the biggest role in most cases. With AURELIS, you can also apply this in an intense way with a serious chronic hickup. In deep relaxation, you can in addition to this, more easily calm down the overstimulated nerve by sending the right message to your deeper self. Certainly it is also important to avoid general stress and to ensure a good relaxation in itself. For that purpose, you can apply the appropriate AURELIS indications.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Playing with ‘conviction’
    You play with the conviction that the next hickup will really be the last one, and from that moment you no longer hickup. Each time you do this you refuse to be discouraged. This gives your deeper self important encouragement.
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  • Hickup-less sailplane
    Like an airplane you fly through the air in a beautiful flight. A hickup disturbs this to a very small degree and is quickly forgotten. The airplane slides further in deep relaxation.
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  • At each inhalation you float above your hickup just for a while
    At each slow inhalation you imagine yourself floating slightly above your hickup. Meanwhile, you send relaxation to your diaphragm. At each exhalation you strive for a status-quo of what you have reached.
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  • Detaching all stress from your hickup
    You dissolve stressful factors from your hickup by placing your hickup centrally in your attention, then use your imagination to push away all stress. In deep relaxation, you can do this better and gain experience that allows you to apply it in other circumstances.
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  • Linking a deep inhalation with the expectation that the hickup will stop
    As with most folk remedies, you use the suggestive effect of expectation. You breathe slowly and deeply. At each long inhalation you link this with the expectation that the hickup will stop.
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