Chronic fatigue

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Physical or mental cause

There is a discussion among physicians about the question whether chronic fatigue has a physical cause or a psychic one. For the use of AURELIS, this discussion is irrelevant. Regardless whether the cause is one or the other, you can use your deeper self in order to let the feeling of enormous fatigue go over into a feeling of deep energy. In this way you can come back to your former self. More than this: by growing beyond the fatigue, you change into someone who is more powerful than before. You then have attained a new unity of yourself as a whole person.

‘Inner strength’ is what you need

In our society, being tired is generally not accepted. The chronically fatigued is regarded as someone who is ‘guilty’ of his own condition. Little consideration exists for the fact that someone just cannot go on anymore. According to the AURELIS-philosophy, this is not good at all. However, together with the absence of guilt, you can take responsibility to use your deeper self as well as possible towards the diminishment of your symptoms. The last two letters of AURELIS are acronym for ‘Inner Strength’. This is just what someone with chronic fatigue can use most. We are therefore convinced that AURELIS is important to anyone who feels chronically fatigued, regardless of whether that person received the diagnosis ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ or not. Don’t expect an immediate miracle with this AURELIS-indication, but do expect a good help on your way towards better health and well-being.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Re-sourcing in nature
    Through an intense contact with nature, you grow closer to yourself and your own source of energy / deep motivation that takes the place of fatigue. You partake in the ever flowing stream of energy in nature.
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  • The mighty flight of the eagle
    Imagine you are a big, powerful eagle who has full control over himself and dominates the world down under. You can completely trust your own energy and technique.
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  • The great feeling of freedom
    You open up yourself to a feeling of immense freedom and  what this can mean to you. Through this freedom, energy can flow through you without hindrance and make you very powerful.
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  • An orchestra that first plays chaotically, then wonderfully in tune
    This is a very symbolic story. As a listener in a concert hall, you are listening to an orchestra that plays chaotically. This is very tiring for the listeners and members of the orchestra. Then the chaos disappears, and the fatigue disappears also.
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  • Sunrays piercing right through you, washing the fatigue away
    You are lying in the sun and feel the warmth of the sunrays. These are special sunrays that dissolve the fatigue everywhere in your body and replace it with energy.
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  • Learning to know borders and to continually change them a little bit
    You learn to investigate the borders of your fatigue by practicing a state of relaxation that enables you to move these borders. This originates from within you and therefore never does more than you are prepared for.
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Scientific References
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