Chronic cough

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Several causes

Chronic cough has, of course, a (large) number of possible physical causes such as smoking, certain medications, an allergy or a disorder of the airways. In many cases, however the cause is rather mental or the chronic cough is at least perpetuated by mental factors.

Fear can make chronic cough increase

Fear for a physical cause (such as for cancer of the airways in a smoker or ex-smoker) can bring about much anxious attention, that clearly makes the chronic cough increase. It is sufficient that this fear is present somewhere in the psyche, consciously or subconsciously.

Influence by the use of AURELIS

With AURELIS, you can influence chronic cough in several ways: through a diminishment of fear and negative expectations and also through the direct effect of autosuggestion by means of mind-body connections such as an influence upon the regional blood flow and inflammation processes.

Together with other simple measures

Some other simple measures are: drinking a lot of (water) and inhalations with water vapour, better without added products. Ensure also a good moistening of the surrounding air. And especially, make sure that you are not stooped under a large amount of unnecessary fear. If a good doctor reassures you after a thorough investigation in this respect, then take that reassurance very seriously.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A moistening gel on your airways
    You imagine laying a moistening gel on your airways as a symbol that you want to approach your airways, and your deeper self, in a friendly way.
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  • Your airways are very important
    Your airways are an important entrance for deep relaxation and the 'mind'. During this session each breath is a powerful affirmation of this.
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  • Breathing slowly makes your airways powerful
    You continue to breathe slowly for a while, while you send your airways messages of strength, love and acceptance.
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  • Bringing irritation to outside
    At each exhalation you imagine that together a part of the irritation flows out. At the same time, irritating material also comes up that can be swallowed naturally.
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  • Irritation-speckles that are shattered
    Each time you cough, a number of irritation speckles in your airways are shattered. What remains is purely gas that has a soothing influence on the walls of your airways.
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Scientific References
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