Chronic aggression

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Chronic effect on body and mind

One way or the other many health problems are related to a form of chronic anger or aggression that is present in hidden form in the deeper self. It is not tucked away here as in a solid box with a lid and lock. It really has a continuous effect on your body and mind. It is only hidden in the sense that one is seldom or never aware of it. I.e.: you generally do not notice it, but it is alive and active.

You are absolutely worth more

The deeper self does not ask for this aggression. It is the odd one out. One can say that it’s a mistake. You are absolutely worth more than that.

Coming to terms with your own aggression

Chronic anger is almost always focused on something or someone outside of you, but if you look closer it is also always focused on yourself. In any way, you cause much trouble to yourself. And this is actually superfluous. I am persuaded that something can be done about it. However, not by oppressing even more and neither by letting loose and enacting the aggression. The AURELIS solution is an attempt to more or less come to terms with your own aggression through a meditative form of insight and communication with your deeper self. It’s better to talk than to aggressively fight, but talk in a good way.

See your’enemy’ such as he is

You and your chronic aggression can be entirely open to each other's opinion, with the intention in the first place to understand each other as well as possible. Only if you understand your ‘enemy’, you can see him such as he is. Almost always you eventually find yourself within that enemy, in your weakness and your fear and your attempts to use a very hard stance as a shell for lack of an alternative that grows from within.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Looking for reasons for chronic aggression within yourself
    By means of free association you can start a search within yourself to causes of chronic aggression. You do this with much compassion for yourself and for others. You can continue meditating about what comes out of this in order to place it in a different light.
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  • Searching alternatives for aggression
    In deep relaxation you are automatically more open to find alternatives for aggression, alternatives that entirely belong to you as a complete person. You do not need to become someone else to turn your aggression in more positive directions.
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  • Moderating the aggression within yourself through acceptance
    This is certainly no 'acceptance' in the sense of putting yourself under. This last part is in fact also a form of aggression: an attempt of destruction through negation. The 'acceptance' in this session means boldly looking at your own aggression and saying: 'Together with you I want to search for a solution that is best for both of us.'
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  • Holding onto the energy and using it well
    At the beginning of an aggressive period you can focus the energy to something else. Slowly but surely you learn that fighting can be more interesting and richer in energy without falling in the well of aggression.
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  • Lending forgiveness to yourself and to others
    Lending forgiveness to yourself is tremendously important. Also if you forgive others, it is most important to forgive yourself. You find support for this in this session.
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