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Everything constantly changes.

‘Change’ is no exceptional event. In nature everything continuously changes. The Greeks knew that already almost 3000 years ago and formulated it as ‘everything flows’ (‘Panta rhei ‘, Heracleitos).

The pace of change has drastically increased

In current business life the pace of change has drastically increased in the last years. This is to many employees a large source of stress. Being able to cope well with these changes has become a basic quality in order to be able to be successful in the current economic world.

Natural change or ‘growth

A basic element of AURELIS is a natural change or ‘growth’. This is not turned against yourself but on the contrary uses your deeper self in order to reach a change towards more the one who you have actually always been. Whether the reason for that change then comes from your wish for better health or from professional requirements, has little importance in itself. If you let a process of change happen by itself in a natural manner, then you can in any way emerge from it as a better person: more flexible, stronger, happier. It is worthwhile to cultivate the conditions for that purpose within yourself. That is possible through a good way of communication with nature within you: your own deeper self. The main functioning principle of AURELIS is based upon this kind of communication.

Better person-environment fit

By reacting in a natural way to requirements to change, this becomes a way to reach a better person-environment fit. A change that enforces itself as ‘necessary evil’ runs the risk that person and surroundings get estranged from each other. The consequences of this may be clear at once. They can let themselves be felt in the long term, whereby the link with the reason or cause is not always perceptible. In any way it is important to you to ensure yourself a natural process whereby your inner strength is optimally used.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Working with 'resistance' within yourself and others
    Change without 'resistance' happens seldomly. With this exercise, you can work on this at a deeper level resulting in positive effects. Behind 'resistance' lies personal needs to find solutions in a creative way, which you will do in this exercise.
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  • Visualization of the future: best of possible scenarios
    An exercise in handling a changed future. You imagine that everything goes well, then you can look back and examine what is the best way to reach that optimal future. This allows you to already draw the success of it towards you.
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  • Visualization of the future: worst of possible scenarios
    An exercise in handling a changed future: If everything turns out wrong, you continue searching for positive aspects. A serious setback can at hindsight be your biggest opportunity. With this exercise, you open yourself beforehand to that purpose so when necessary, you can react immediately.
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  • From being pulled towards fulfilling the puller's role
    If drifting along with the flow is not satisfactory to you, even distressing, then this exercise requires you to search within yourself the possibility of playing a puller's role. Without forcing anything, you can develop into someone who effectively takes the leading role when change occurs.
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  • Trusting change
    A change can be frightening because it leads to what is still unknown. A part of this fear becomes smaller if you can let yourself go in an appropriate manner. What's important about this is the confidence that 'the unknown' at a deeper level already seems much less unknown than at first sight.
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