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A response to the ‘surroundings’ in a very broad sense

Often accompanying anorexia nervosa (see that indication), bulimia is also in many cases a mental response to the ‘surroundings’ in a very broad sense: familial circumstances, but also the general culture and, internally, changes in hormonal status, for example. 

Avoiding feelings of guilt

What you can do in the first place, is avoid every kind of feeling of guilt. You do not suffer ‘on purpose’ from bulimia. It ‘comes over you’, like something that is completely external and comes over you from outside. You are not guilty, but you are responsible (especially to yourself) to work on it in a way that is appropriate to the problem.

Bulimia as a form of dependency behaviour

You can consider bulimia as a kind of dependency behavior. A bout of voracity doesn’t make you happy. It only gives you a brief diminishment of stress that afterwards simply heightens again. To get out of this vicious circle, you have to tackle the addiction itself.

Underlying factors

Underneath, a lot of factors can play a role. For example, a punishment of yourself instead of someone else, for not completely ‘living’, not fully daring to be present in this world. Or for example, a type of emotional resistance against a change in your emotional life, such as a change in sexuality during puberty. It’s important then to accept this new status, especially at the level of feelings and meanings. Therefore in the form eventually of a communication with your own subconscious.

A good communication with the subconscious can never go wrong

The advantage of a good communication with the subconscious (such as hopefully for you with AURELIS as well), is that you can never go ‘wrong’. It’s not like shooting an arrow to a goal. These sessions give you the occasion to be open, whereby whatever underlying problem is touched and can diminish or solve itself.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Towards another attitude concerning eating and food
    You contemplate during this session about food and eating. You let feelings spontaneously arise from within you, thus also lying behind feelings. You just take notice of this all without appraisal, let alone condemnation.
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  • You remove the pressure from a dam on a river
    In your imagination you remove the pressure from a dam on a river. This dam is what retains within you the energy that over the course of time provokes an attack of bulimia.
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  • Like a wave you go towards it and each time you take along a bit of energy
    In your imagination you repeatedly go towards a bout of voracity, but always remain at a safe distance. Each time you can take along some of its energy with you.
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  • Your 'throw' an attack of bulimia far away from you
    Your simply 'throw' an attack of bulimia far away from you so it cannot affect you. This is an exercise that you can apply in your imagination and in reality whenever the occasion occurs. You will then have mastered this technique well.
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  • Who is the boss: you or an upcoming attack of bulimia?
    You practice feeling yourself as the boss of the situation or reversedly: the situation playing the boss over you. You effectively get the choice. Who is eventually the boss: you or the upcoming attack of bulimia?
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