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Difficulties with concentration often occur

In education and work often a lot of concentration is required, but many experience difficulties with this. Concentrating on something may seem simple. Many people however and perhaps also you have difficulties keeping this concentration for a while.

A sign of the times

‘Concentration disturbances’ are a sign of the times. More and more the concentration gets dispersed through the influence of the media (television, Internet, videogames). This clearly heightens the problem. A good concentration, however is very important during your whole life. It promotes divergent activities such as studying, creativity, appreciation of art, deep pleasure… All things that are not necessary in life, but nevertheless to a large degree provide value and sense.

What is concentration

In general, one can say that concentration consists of keeping the attention focused on one item or one field, without going astray if this is not what one wishes. However, what concentration exactly is at the level of the brain is still a large riddle. There is no special ‘concentration center’. Concentration is ‘made’ by the cooperation of many areas in the brain. Science still mainly gropes in the dark in regard to this.

Improving concentration is not obvious just like that

Solving a concentration impairment or improving concentration in general is thus not obvious. You can also not expect that, with this indication you quickly achieve big results. However, the one who perserveres, wins and the more you repeat the sessions, the larger the effect on your concentration. After a while, you will then notice the large influence that this has upon your whole life.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Keeping your focus on one idea
    You choose a certain idea and you remain with your attention focused on this as best as you can. In this session you are always reminded to keep this focus.
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  • Imagination: focus to levitation
    With your eyes closed you focus your attention on the possibility of levitation to the point that it feels as if you slightly take off. You become even more relaxed than before.
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  • The 4-points concentration
    You keep your attention succesively focused on 4 different points. You can  combine this with 4 different tones that you hear in your imagination. If your attention slides away from a point, you simply bring it to the next point.
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  • Concentration through perception
    You observe your own ideas equally, where they are heading to or or how hectic they are jumping around. You always invite them, however  gently, to return to a focus of concentration.
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  • A strict 'master' within you continuously keeps an eye upon you
    You imagine a strict master within yourself who, nevertheless, always wants the best you for. He always keeps an eye on your thoughts and reminds you not to let your thoughts go astray.
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