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The mind predominates

‘Being svelte’ has more to do with how you feel than with the mere fat content of your body. The mind comes first in this. As soon as you are svelte in your deeper self, your body automatically follows. The Aurelis-method gives you the opportunity to make this being-svelte become true in your deeper self, without medication and without self-deception.

Your deeper self does what is needed

Can you imagine something more straightforward than ‘eating less’? You don’t need to do anything. In fact, not doing a specific something is what is required. If you look at it this way, of course everybody can do it. As soon as you are svelte inside, you too can do it. As if it’s nothing: in the beginning you don’t even notice that you are making an effort, for the simple reason that you absolutely do not have to make an effort. Your deeper self does what is needed for you. And there it doesn’t mean making an effort. There it is the most natural thing in the world, because your deeper self IS nature inside you.

Finding back your own slim self

By becoming svelte in this way, at the same time you come closer to who you really are and always have been. You find your own svelte self, that you lost somewhere on the way in the midst of the over-eating and all the extra weight. Now you lose weight and in its place you receive your own true self. These together may always have been the goal of your wish to become more svelte…
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Imagination: 'circle of excellence'
    You form an imaginary circle around yourself. As long as you stay in this circle, the usual craving for calorie-rich food influences you  less. You can learn to use this circle each time you need it.
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  • Making use of small successes
    Especially if you began with a goal that was too ambitious, for now you can work with better objectives in the short term. In this session, you can learn to use the successes that you achieve for the sake of your deep motivation.
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  • Learning to eat as a choice
    Learn to have the freedom to consciously decide what and how much you eat, without the coercion of unresolved negative emotions or inculcations from when you were a child.
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  • The lake and the swimmer
    In your imagination, you feel yourself becoming one with a lake and at the same time with a swimmer in that lake. The swimmer is a symbol for the part of you that makes conscious decisions. The lake is a symbol for the nature inside yourself. If the swimmer and lake get well tuned to each other, then as a whole person you attain an elegant way that is ideal for you.
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  • Imagination: pushing away a surplus of food on a cloud
    In your imagination, you place all the surplus calorie-rich food that you may otherwise eat on a little cloud that passes by. You give the cloud a firm push and the calories, together with the urge for them, float further and further away from you.
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  • Direct positive suggestions for weight control
    This is a direct approach to motivate yourself in order to tackle your weight problem.
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  • Converting an urge to high-calorie food into another motivation
    You can compensate your excessive urge for food by looking for other, healthier activities. By focusing your attention on this in a deep state of relaxation, you can more easily find satisfaction in those other activities.
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  • Positive change of self-image
    The image you have of yourself as an irrevocably fat person can be a very burdening factor in your attempts to lose weight. In this session, you will practice changing this self-image, so you can replace it with an image of yourself as a slim person.
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  • Vision of the future with emphasis on ideal weight
    You imagine very deeply a vision of the future in which you have reached your ideal weight. This gives your inner self a signal to ensure that this vision of the future will also be converted into reality.
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  • Overcoming a sudden urge to eat
    If you have a sudden urge to eat now and then, you can learn with this session how to react to such an episode in a different way. You accept the need, but you condition yourself to react to it with a deep relaxation.
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  • Eating slowly as a new and healthy habit
    This is a direct treatment that can help you spontaneously eat slower, as a result of which your feeling of satiety can react before you have consumed too many calories.
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  • Heightening / recovering pleasure in eating with taste
    With this session, you learn to find pleasure in eating to such a degree that smaller quantities can satisfy you entirely.
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  • External autovisualisation
    You imagine yourself in a situation in which the temptation to eat a lot is very large. You see yourself like a movie and how everything goes well. You remain in control of the situation, your emotions and your eating behavior.
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  • Imagination: getting under the skin of a slim person
    Children learn very quickly by taking up role models. As an adult, you can resume this way of learning through this exercise.
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  • Working on emotional problems without naming them
    By entering a deep relaxation and purely giving attention to emotional problems that lie at the basis of your eating behavior, you can loosen up the direct link between those problems and your eating behavior. You do not have to analyze the purpose of the emotional problems themselves.
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