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Between aggressiveness and passivity

‘Assertiveness of the 21st century’ lies between the poles of aggressiveness (whereby you impose your opinion without respect for others) and passivity (whereby you let yourself be taken in without real respect for yourself).

Respect and motivation

Assertiveness lies in the optimum taking into account of all opinions. That requires respect and also sufficient motivation in order to search again and again in a creative manner for the best solution for each of the parties concerned. That is not easy and it is not just given to most of us. It is not something that you can learn from a book and only with much difficulty in a course. Assertiveness is something that grows within yourself. AURELIS can not do that in your place, but it can be a good aid if you permit that. Compare it to a gardener who cannot take over the growing of the plants , but who can promote the circumstances that are favorable to growth. With the use of AURELIS you can let a natural assertiveness grow inside yourself.

Morality and audacity

Assertiveness is a question of morality and audacity. It takes moral courage to stand up for one’s own deeper opinion even under difficult circumstances. It also takes moral courage to continuously relativise yourself sufficiently so that eventually you can develop a valuable synthesis. In the current age of always increasing complexity and technical possibilities a lack of assertiveness is catastrophic, the more so if it occurs within characters in a LEADER position. It is something that this world can no longer afford. That applies both to the important questions on a world level and to the small daily challenges of everyone of us. Assertiveness is everywhere necessary.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Identify with an assertive person
    In your imagination you identify with an assertive person whom you admire because of his / her capabilities. It still feels as if it's you, but you react just like that other person. Through this, you make his / her capabilities your own.
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  • Visualizing yourself as an assertive person
    Through a concrete situation (that you choose) you learn to see yourself as an assertive person. You learn what assertiveness can and may mean to you. You turn it into a familiar domain, untli you can avoid any resistance from your deeper self.
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  • Identifying with 2 persons - one after the other
    A thorough use of empathy is a basic quality of very assertive people. You learn not only to acknowledge the opinion of another, but you also learn how you can let another person consider your opinion.
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  • The balance of assertiveness
    This exercise is a more engaging way to achieve balance in assertiveness. With aggressiveness on one hand and passivity on the other, this balance helps you find a creative 'third way' for assertiveness.
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  • A fight with swords
    Imagination: you fight like a knight with the sword against a formidable opponent. You feel very certain of yourself. You continue to repel and administer blows. You never lose respect for your opponent and eventually, you no longer intend to wound each other.
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