Anorexia nervosa

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The control over your body

Anorexia nervosa is in the first place a terribly powerful state because the subconscious for one reason or another claims a place in your life with very much pressure and aggression, whether you are ready for that or not. If you are not ready, then this takes away from you the actual control over your body and your life. The way in which this happens, is also culturally determined.

Aggressively fighting is catastrophic

An aggressive fight against this is catastrophic. Against your own subconscious you never win. It’s a pity that so many people are driven to this. Turning your subconscious into a real friend, one way or the other, can guard you from this terrible danger. It is very difficult to put this into practice. AURELIS is an instrument to accomplish this, but its limitations have to be reckoned with. Despite this everything that can help is already worth it.

The most sensitive people

People with anorexia nervosa belong to the most sensitive ones. Moreover, anorexia nervosa may eventually be a lack of ‘heart’, not of the person himself or herself, but rather of the society in which he or she lives. Exactly the most sensitive ones suffer hardest from this and without appropriate accompaniment run the most risk of a rock-hard response from inside out.

Powerful attitude the preserves the sensitivity

With AURELIS an attempt has been made to especially lead the way towards a powerful attitude that preserves the sensitivity and that, also through making the subconscious into a friend, involves this sensitivity in the development of a healthy person who through his or her experiences is probably better placed to help others too.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Not-eating as an addiction
    In the case of anorexia the following applies: each time  you don't eat, you experience some satisfaction. Each time that you eat, there's a frustration. This can lead to a kind of addiction. This is: something that no longer comes from you, something strange that masters you. It is worthwhile to free yourself of this.
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  • Flying above the clouds
    In your imagination your arms are beautiful and extraordinarily powerful wings. You can fly like the best bird, always choosing to take off. This helps you to remain generally grounded without frustration, with 'normal' arms and legs.
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  • Your loving doctor
    ... you encounter during this session. With this doctor you can discuss everything. You feel yourself accepted as you are. You are so attached to this doctor that you would want to do anything he or she asks you to.
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  • Finding firmness in an agreed-upon weight
    Before this session you try to agree upon your ideal weight with someone else. What is most important is that you only agree if you feel entirely on one accord with this. If so, this is the only weight you aspire to. During this session, you work on the firmness of this ideal point.
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  • Integration of anexoria into a richer life
    This session is about your weight and controlling food consumption. You search for other ways to express this without harming yourself and what you stand for. 
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