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Physical and mental components

Amenorrhoea has several physical causes. Therefore, one thorough examination is necessary. Besides this, however in many cases of amenorrhoea there are also clearly mental components. That is obvious if you know how close the hormonal system and the brain are linked to each other. Among other things, mental factors have a large influence on the release into the bloodstream of gonadotrophines, by means of which in some circumstances amenorrhoea appears.

Not necessarily a mental pathology

Behind the amenorrhoea, a mental reaction can be present. You do not necessarily have to consider that a mental disorder. It can also be a very normal reaction to external stressful factors that play a large role in your case, consciously or subconsciously. Recognizing a mental cause is therefore no reason to think in terms of ‘guilt’ or ‘mental disorder’. Several emotions can take part in this: fear of pregnancy, feelings of guilt about masturbation, refusal of the female role in nature or in society, refusal to submit to an always returning process, reaction to unfavourable circumstances, feeling unhappy or lonely, etc.

Amenorrhoea as a symbol for your complete person

With this indication, as always with AURELIS, you can work with your amenorrhoea as a symbol for what lies behind. That is, as a symbol of who you are. This is no self exploration (for that purpose there is a specific AURELIS indication). It is a symbolic treatment of yourself as a complete person, as a complete woman. Very probably through this, your femininity one way or the other, has to be taken into consideration. Your attitude towards this can change, but through this you do not become someone else from who you really are. How and when this broader change comes about, is something you better give free rein. In expectance of this, your amenorrhoea in itself can already within a shorter period of time diminish or disappear.

The partner

A possible partner is often to an important degree influential upon the self-image of a woman and her pleasure in being a woman. The man himself and the relation between partners is therefore best involved, without immediately pointing an accusing finger to anyone.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You meet a very wise woman within yourself
    Deep within yourself you meet a very wise woman who entirely understands your attitude. She gives you no advice, but supports you. You feel this support strongly and emotionally.
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  • A conversation with your uterus
    In your imagination you ask your own uterus why your menstruations don't come. A rational answer is not necessary. It is a communication of feelings and perhaps also of deeper insight.
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  • Your uterus is ready for you
    Your uterus is friendly to you and surely wants to cooperate when you are ready. During this session you feel confident of this fact.
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  • A menstruation as a very healthy cleansing
    You have a healthy body that is full of normal actions and reactions. Menstruation is a very healthy action that cleanses you. You can wholeheartedly let this happen and immediately feel that it is good for you.
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  • Scraping off a wall in order to paint it again
    Visualize: scraping off a wall, layer after layer, so that a new layer of paint can be put on it. During this scraping in your imagination you physically feel how your uterus reacts. If you are ready, this response is positive.
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Scientific References
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