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Your choice, your sessions

If you get this AURELIS indication before you, then in the first place you have to be certain about whether it’s your own choice to apply it. Furthermore, of course you have to be able to remain sufficiently concentrate on the session, but with enough of your own motivation this will succeed. Prepare your sessions well. Organize them in a practical way. Try also to sometimes think back about it after a session. In any way, consider a session as something that is there completely for you personally.

The deeper self jumps to the foreground

You can think about ADHD (IF you want to think about it as a separate syndrome) as a fierce, but each time failing, attempt of the deeper self to jump to the foreground. The deeper self wants to enforce what it cannot reach in another, quieter way. It wants to get attention. It wants to be present in your life. With ADHD, attention jumps from here to there precisely because these attempts of the deeper self fail for one reason or another.

A possible cause of ADHD

A possible cause lies engrained in the Western culture of consumption. Here the deeper self is often suppressed. Superficial pleasure is by far not the same as deep pleasure. It is more like an addiction: it gives you something in which you think to find satisfaction, but in fact exactly the opposite is the case. It leads you away from deep satisfaction and this way a disastrous vicious circle commences. The result of this is on a wider cultural level a negation of deep pleasure. One then gets reactions such as ‘it cannot be’, ‘it should not be’ or even ‘it is not real’. People who more than others have a need for deep pleasure, have more chance to suffer from this situation. ADHD is one possible expression of this suffering.

Parents of a child with ADHD

It is absolutely very interesting if the parents of a child with ADHD listen to these sessions together with the child, of course without interfering. Afterwards, at its own request the child can discuss what feelings the session has brought up.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Observing your own flight of attention
    During this session you continue to observe and follow your own flight of attention, without any attempt to counter it. Through this observation you learn to understand it better. Here and there you sense a bit more what your own deeper self exactly needs.
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  • Your attention becomes centripetal
    If you feel that your attention is slipping away, then, without any extra tension,  let it jump back again towards the same point of interest. This jumping back feels entirely the same as when your attention would increasingly jump further ahead.
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  • You deeply express yourself in nature
    In your imagination during this session you deeply express yourself in nature and you find your deeper self. After a while, the evening falls and you very quietly enjoy a beautiful sunset.
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  • The 15 minutes delay before your attention changes focus
    You can remain with your attention at a specific focus point for 15 minutes, without hyperactivity or attention disturbance. After the 15 minutes you let yourself go entirely. You don't miss anything and you don't experience frustration.
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  • A period of hyperactivity without disturbing others
    In your thoughts, you go towards a situation that occurs occasionally in your life. During this session you examine how you can get rid of your energy without disturbing someone. You always ask yourself whether what you do is annoying and this way you find your own interesting possibilities.
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Scientific References
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