AURELIS as an explanatory model

The more widely applicable is an explanatory model, the more powerful it is in the sense that cross-pollination can occur with different research areas and that it can also bring them closer together.

As a conceptual framework, AURELIS provides a unifying model of explanation for different areas in the field of health and disease, namely:

  • the widespread but poorly known placebo effect within current mainstream medicine
  • the effect of alternative medicines and hypnosis
  • the effect of medicine for several thousand years
  • the effect of many medicines from other cultures
  • the operation of a wide variety of kinds of psychotherapy
  • healing in the setting of religion and belief (Lourdes...)
  • a large number of scientific research findings that suggest a direct influence of 'meaning' on physical conditions
  • an explanatory model for unity of mind and body in a philosophical sense.

In addition to this explanatory aspect, the Aurelis conceptual framework also leads to a demand for (much) greater caution in the interpretation of double-blind studies. In all these studies placebos are being used, while the placebo effect itself has actually yet to reveal a lot of its secrets. In the context of Aurelis, the placebo effect can be better studied and understood.