Youthful ageing

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Being open to new challenges

A youthful feeling is appropriate at any age. ‘Being young’ means being open to new things, new challenges. Even a serene old day can be a new challenge. Each new day is a young day if you feel it as such.

As young as you think

Of course you cannot stop the years, but ‘you are as young as you think you are’ also has its meaning. Look at this proverb as advice towards action: think of yourself young. The more you think this with your whole being, the larger its effect on you will be.

The youthful message

With this AURELIS indication, you have an instrument with which to let the youthful message permeate you deeply. You remain or become again ‘young of heart’. The youthful ‘I’ who in fact is the only real ‘I’ appears again and influences how you think, how you feel, and how you look. You then automatically radiate youthfulness because this is effectively present within you.

Remaining young to on old age

The youth of an elder person is of course, different from that of someone who is young in years. It is a youth that becomes better with the years. On the other hand, a forced holding-on-to-youth whatever the cost doesn’t stop old age. On the contrary, a youth that you do not permit to grow, also dies as youth. A youth that you do permit to grow, remains young up to an old age.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Each age needs its form of being young
    Youth is normally measured in years, but here 'youth' is a state that can always remain with you You remain young if you feed the youth in your own age.
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  • The young 'I' always remains present within you
    The 'I' of your youth does not disappear, but only becomes different. If you look well, then this 'I' is in fact equally young, no matter how old you are.
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  • Losing your being-old by stretching yourself
    All kinds of old parts of yourself are falling away by stretching yourself. What remains is young forever.
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  • You find your own motivations that keep you young
    Certain motivations that are living deep within you, can keep you young if you stay in contact with them. This happens explicitly in this session.
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  • You are young for and through young people
    People who deal a lot with young people, often remain young at heart for very long. In this session, you attain or deepen this effect regardless of whether you deal with many young people in your own life or not
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