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The need

Children need their own special place, where they can be entirely themselves. At this place they find the strength to grow and be entirely open to the world. In general, you don't have to worry that by staying at this spo, the child would become too turned towards itself. In these sessions, this has been taken into account. The 'own special place' is always brought in a way that leads to a feeling of security from which the child can step outside. The own place is always a place of inner strength as well as strength to act oriented outwardly.

At a lack of this

A child that feels a lack of its own place can (during later life) continue to long for it in a way that leads to introvertedness. The adult is then caught within the walls of his personality. He has difficulty turning inward and difficulty going outside. This occurs rather frequently. The adult can then move towards the outside only by showing a mask (his 'persona' in Jungian terminology), but not who he really is. Many individuals and relationships suffer from this.

Good basis to work on other problems

A safe place can often be sufficient for a child to handle many other problems better. A child learns more when feeling secure, especially if the learning is about emotional intelligence. This has consequences for the whole life. A good basis such as what can be worked on with this, is very important.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Somewhere in a far-away castle: a room where all crazy things are allowed
    You arrive at a far-away castle. Within that castle you encounter friends with which you can play and do all kinds of crazy things. Anything is allowed, on condition that you always remain friendly to each other.
    Play Session
  • A place in the wood - Snow White and the dwarfs
    You probably know the fairy tale, now you can also take part in it. You encounter Snow White and the dwarfs and live a nice day. You can always return here and live other adventures too.
    Play Session
  • A place at home - your mummy such as you like her most
    You are at home. Your mummy is also present. In your imagination, your mummy is the way you want her most. Perhaps there is little or no difference, perhaps she is more like she would like to be, perhaps more as you would like her to be. Everything is okay.
    Play Session
  • Your own bed is your special place
    You are lying in your bed and feel that everything is okay. Your bed and room give you a very safe feeling. It is as if the air in your room is full of goodness and trust. Here you can only dream the nicest dreams.
    Play Session
  • Your own thoughts as a special place that is present everywhere
    A special place doesn't always need to be something  you can go to. Your own thoughts are a place that always follow you. It is a very important place for you, a place from which you can later handle the whole world.
    Play Session
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