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Possible causes

There are many possible causes of hives (urticaria): medicines, infections, food, warmth. Generally though, no cause is found. General stress is a factor that can play a role. Symptoms of urticaria can also be allergic. Then you can combine the indication ‘General allergy’.

What is it?

Urticaria are small or large itchy swellings that can show up everywhere on the skin. They arise quickly and can amalgamate to larger lesions. After 12-24 hours they have disappeared. Generally a period of urticaria doesn’t last long. In case of chronic urticaria, a thorough medical investigation is required.


In fact there is no real treatment, only medicines that relieve symptoms. It’s your choice whether you use them or not. You can always combine them with the use of AURELIS. See for yourself if and when you can diminish the medication and replace it by yourself, in application of the principle ‘the patient as medicine’ whenever possible.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A very gentle wind diminishes your sensitivity to urticaria
    A very gentle wind comes over your skin that you hardly feel. You simply let happen what comes spontaneously. It feels good and diminishes your sensitivity to urticaria.
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  • Air bubbles in water take away your urticaria
    You are lying in a calm water in which large air bubbles are ascending. These bubbles attach themselves to your urticaria and take them to the surface where they disappear into the air.
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  • Exuviation - a new skin without urticaria
    In your imagination your skin slowly loosens. Under the old skin a new skin is present that is stronger and free of urticaria.
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  • A special glove that removes urticaria
    You imagine having a special glove. If you lay your hand with this special glove upon the urticaria, or if you slightly rub them, they automatically disappear.
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  • Urticaria become a present to the sun
    In your imagination you are standing in the wam sun and you have a lot of urticaria. You feel more and more linked to the sun and this connection gives you a deeper contact with yourself. The sun accepts your urticaria as a present.
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Scientific References
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