Urinating frequently (polyuria)

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A relative problem

A 'small bladder' is a bladder of which the wall quickly contracts. In principle, each bladder can attain a rather large volume without you having to urinate. The problem of a 'quickly full bladder' is therefore relative. This also gives you the possibility to change it.

Your bladder listens to suggestion

You probably know this: if you pass a little fountain with splashing water, or if you even only think of it, you suddenly have to urinate. This too, is an example of suggestion, from which you can notice that your bladder is really (very) sensitive to this. It's the same phenomenon that you can use to your own advantage with this indication.

Continue drinking much

Even if you have to urinate often, it remains important to drink much to help your body purify itself. In the long run, you can train your bladder. If you drink little, your bladder will become lazy in the course of time. Therefore, you will not diminish the problem by drinking little.

Possible medical problem

Some disorders (such as diabetes) can lead to urinating frequently. It is therefore important to let yourself be thoroughly examined.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Everything around and within your bladder goes upwards
    You feel almost physically how the urine is attracted upwards and as a result presses less upon the exit of your bladder. Everything around and within your bladder tends to go up rather than down.
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  • The little muscles around your bladder calmly start dancing
    This way it's pressing less upon your bladder. Through this, the tension within your bladder diminishes like a gentle dance and, as a result, the whole wall of your bladder becomes extra relaxed.
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  • Your bladder becomes a haven of relaxation
    In your imagination your bladder becomes a space of pure and deep relaxation. Emotions that may be present, become relaxation. At the same time, the space also becomes larger, so more urine can be present without increasing the pressure.
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  • You are present at a lake. Very quiet. Much water, no tension.
    You are staying somewhere at a lake. Both the lake and the surrounding nature are very quiet, even you are quiet. The presence of a lot of water makes you and your bladder even quieter, as if the water in your bladder automatically dissolves into the lake.
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  • Your bladder gets all the space
    Both emotionally and physically (in your imagination) your bladder gets very much space in a gentle way. There is no pressure from outside and the pressure within disappears through this.
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