Symptom exploration

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With AURELIS always also symptom exploration

With most of the AURELIS indications, the first emphasis lies on communication of consciousness to the subconscious. Of course the other direction is also very important. In many AURELIS sessions this is also slightly taken into consideration, but not directly.

Accepting your symptom = listening to it

With this indication, however you let your own symptom speak to you very specifically and intensely. This belongs to ‘accepting the symptom’ in the sense that you are open to the meaning of it and you strive together with your symptom to the optimal solution for you as complete person.

This is also the intention of the symptom

This AURELIS indication does not lead you to an analysis of the symptom. You do not necessarily consciously come to know what lies behind it. That is often not important for the solution. However, it is important that the symptom can let itself be reckoned with. That has, as a matter of fact, always been the most important intention of it, as long as the symptom stays there. As soon as you can really directly listen to the symptom and the underlying, it already becomes much less necessary.

Symptom as a symbol

The symptom is understood within the AURELIS philosophy as a symbol for you as a whole. Attention to the symptom is in this sense therefore attention to yourself. This is the reverse of what occurs with a symptomatic cure, where the symptom is considered as entirely ‘detached’ from who you actually are. Listening to your symptom, offers you of course a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person. You then become richer and stronger inside than you were before the symptom came into your life.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Conversation with the symptom
    You approach your symptom with the message of your own good intention. You ask how you can help and how you can make the best of it together. You are very open to what your symptom has to tell you.
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  • Symptom indicates the conditions to integration
    In your imagination, one way or the other, you and your symptom are standing in front of each other. You both wish to unite so that the whole becomes stronger. Your symptom indicates the conditions to reach this integration.
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  • Your symptom dissolves in you-as-water
    You imagine a very beautiful lake. At old man in standing on spreading a powder over the water that easily dissolves. The lake is you. The powder is your symptom. The dissolving goes together with the appearance of insight.
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  • A magical communication-mirror
    You imagine a special hand mirror. Each time you think something about your symptom or anything else, you can look into the mirror and you see an indication of how your symptom reacts to this.
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  • Your symptom as strange country
    You are in a strange country. Everything that you encounter breathes the spirit of your symptom. Everything that you feel here is also related to your symptom.
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