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Academic intelligence: hereditary or learned?

It has not been proven that academic intelligence is hereditary. A genius can originate from parents who gave no proof of exceptional mental abilities. Intelligent parents can act however, as a role model and counselor. Probably there is a hereditary factor, but the result is much more due to how you use your brain, to your institution and technique, therefore to how your natural capacities are taken advantage of by your surroundings and by yourself. Everyone can work on this.

Processing study material in an efficient way

This indication is about how you can process a quantity of study material effectively and with more efficiency. A specific motivation is important for this, to permanently orient your focus on the study material, always again looking for methods to ameliorate your memorization, etc. You use your brain better and better.

Specific aid for that purpose

Specific aid for that purpose is almost unavailable. Thus, this is generally learned while studying and through one’s own experience, more or less, and in many cases also long after one can effectively start using it. If studying is really important to you, then you can of course always find advantage in perfecting your performance. With this indication, you have an additional aid for that purpose.

Other indications that are certainly also important

General relaxation and concentration, fear of failure, exam stress, finding pleasure in your own learning, are of course also important. You find these in other AURELIS indications.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Always bringing back your focus to the studying
    If your attention goes astray during this learning session, you will quietly return. Afterwards, you can use the time as an instrument to preserve your focus. You study for instance, fifteen minutes per page. After each page you look at how long it took you.
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  • You transform your study room into a magical study place
    In your imagination, you are in a 'magical study place’. Studying goes better here than elsewhere. This study place can also be a real existing place. If you move, you can take along the ‘energy’ of this study room. You can also feel it at several places at the same time.
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  • An intelligent professor gives you study advice
    Your study-mentor is a friendly professor from your memory or your imagination. Perhaps he looks like a professor whom you personally know, but that doesn’t need to be so. In any case, you can always come to him for counsel and he will help you in a friendly way.
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  • Studying is very important in your broad cultural environment
    Studying is strongly appreciated in modern culture. It is also an important way to make a difference in your personal life and the world around you. With this session, you make yourself (more) aware of how important this is for you and how it can motivate you more.
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  • The feeling that you are supported by many
    This can be people from your environment, as well as people you knew in former days. Perhaps you even get divine help. You experience support from many sides and as a result, this aid is very strong.
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