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Heal Your Self 

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Learning while doing

What is the best attitude to let AURELIS effectively act upon you? You can read much about this. You can also learn it while doing. This indication is especially made to help you in this. The more so if you already have experience with another indication, you can significantly use this. It is therefore in fact, however, an indication for ‘advanced’ people.

More powerful AURELIS

AURELIS becomes stronger in this way and through this more than only a way to tackle your current problem. It rather becomes a way of living: more in contact with your deeper self and through this also more in contact with the world around you.


This indication of course does not provide a solution for all problems just like that. Using AURELIS remains a travel of exploration. Everyone of us is a unique individual and always again we react differently to several circumstances. That makes it however even more interesting.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The patience that is positive expectation
    You can let the effect of Aurelis best come to you by being patient. This does not mean it will last long before you experience an effect, but that it will only come at its own pace. With this session you practice this specific form of patience.
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  • You search within yourself the openness to a spontaneous change
    Openness to change is not always present. With this session you create an openness towards growth and not towards a change outside yourself.
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  • Changing emotional doubt into rational doubt
    Rational doubt about how and whether this works for you is okay. Emotions however, can turn this doubt into a barrier that makes it very difficult for you. With this session you learn to prevent this.
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  • Beyond the fear to change from inside out
    Fear is totally unnecessary because you don't change into someone else. You remain entirely yourself and even become more your own person.
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  • You are worthy of growth and happiness
    'Growth' is not something you can abuse, otherwise it's not real. As a human being you are absolutely worth having growth and happiness. With this session you positively learn to recognize this value within yourself.
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