Standing strong in life

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Each difficulty makes you stronger

Highs and lows are normal for each life. It is more than an occasional alternation. Afterwards, when you look back at it, the lows in a life are often necessary to be able to reach the highs. This is folk wisdom: each difficulty that you survive, makes you stronger. People who are successful in life, are so often not in spite of, but because of the failures that they overcame. Life is a learning school that obliges you to grow.

Surviving many difficulties

Standing strong in life, means: being able to survive many difficulties. But also: optimally using these difficulties, as well as the better times, in order to stand even stronger.

An energy that gives you strength in life

In yourself, an energy is present that gives you strength in life. That energy is already available and it’s for free. This is not a kind of energy that you have to replenish. It is already inexhaustible of itself. The thing is to be able to reach it and use it. A proper use of this AURELIS indication gives you a good support for that purpose. The vitality that you can reach with this, is not that of AURELIS but that of you yourself.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • After a fall you stand up again and you are more powerful than before
    In imagination, you return to a past 'failure'. You examine what you can learn of this, especially noting the positive elements of what happened.
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  • Your are standing in a storm - first anxiously, then powerfully
    Your are standing in a desolate landscape in the middle of a storm. First you are anxious, but you learn to let this fear disappear. As a result, you feel very strong.
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  • Someone from above helps you
    Whatever happens in your life, you get help from someone in another dimension. You are entirely free in choosing who this is.
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  • You never give up, not in small matters, nor in large matters
    You orient yourself to the feeling that you never give up. In this session, you examine where in yourself this feeling already exists and how you can increase it.
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  • Within yourself an energy is present that always continues to exist
    Irrespective of what has already happened or what is bound to happen soon, within you a special energy is present that, if you make good use of it, can help you enormously.
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