Spasms of the oesophagus

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What it is

‘Spasms of the oesophagus’ are painful cramps in the oesophagus which can feel like a heartache. The influence of mental tensions on this is clear and large. Little. but frequent contractions in the oesophagus are normal. As these normal contractions are more pronounced however, they can be very painful. It is important then to bring these abnormal contractions back to their normal proportions.

Autonomous influence

Smooth muscles, such as the muscles around the oesophagus that come into a spastic state, are under the influence of the autonomous nervous system. This is under direct influence not of your consciousness (hence: ‘autonomous’), but of your deeper self. This link is so direct that it would be strange not to give attention to it. However, it does not lie very much in the center of current Western medicine. In many concrete cases, this is just too bad for the patient.

Difficult physical treatment

In addition, a medical-physical treatment is difficult. Medication has often little success. Dilatations and surgery are aggressive and also not always successful. In addition, a purely physical treatment ignores you as a total person.

A solution with AURELIS

With AURELIS, you treat the symptom, but at the same time, by means of symptom-as-symbol, the underlying patterns. I.e.: you yourself are taken into consideration and that is very important in this case. If your deeper self expresses itself in the form of a spasm, then that is a sign that at a deeper level something aggressive is going on. It is better not to answer this with aggression, but with a deep acceptance and a growth towards a solution whereby you as a total person become better.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A wave of relaxation through your oesophagus
    A wave of relaxation goes through your esophagus. Behind that wave, your esophagus becomes entirely relaxed for a while and the pain disappears. During this session you practice with wave after wave of relaxation.
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  • The playful oesophagus
    Your esophagus is playful and makes continuous little jumps in several directions. Some jumps however are too big and as a result, they are painful to you. You let your esophagus be playful, but less nervous.
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  • A big wave of relaxation in which you float along
    A big wave of relaxation passes by in which you are floating. All exaggerated tensions in your esophagus are smoothed and a wave of general healing washes over you.
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  • Through your movements excessive tension disappears from your oesophagus
    Each movement that you make with your upper body, gives some space to exaggerated tensions in your esophagus. This becomes possible by your deep relaxation and continuing deep attention.
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  • A walk in the desert
    In imagination you walk around in the desert. The heat is there but you endure it very well. Through contact with the enormous space around you, your esophagus can easily let go of any unnecessary contraction.
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