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In each of us a world of eroticism

Sexual arousal is a good example of autosuggestion. You cannot ‘think’ yourself at a purely conscious level towards sexual arousal. You can, however, do that through for instance visualisation or another form of autosuggestion. The AURELIS-method offers you a unique instrument to learn to know and use yourself better also at a sexual level. In everyone of us lies a world of eroticism ready to be explored always further.

In contact with your own sexual nature

With AURELIS you can not force yourself to change into someone who you not really are. You do come more into contact with your own sexual nature. As a result of this, you get the possibility to live a more satisfactory sexual life, whatever that may mean for you as a complete person. Also in your relationship with your partner you can put more of yourself as a result of this and therefore at the same time you work at more pleasant and interesting experiences for both. A tip: using AURELIS together and exchanging your experiences afterwards. An appetizer for more?
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Experiencing sex on a planet of sensual pleasure
    In your imagination,  go to a planet where everything emanates a pleasant sensuality. Your senses and your sexual desires will become strongly aroused though this.
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  • Signals for relaxation during intimacy
    You condition your own body and mind to relax just enough during sexual intercourse by means of signals that you yourself may choose. Through a general relaxation you can better focus on the sexual pleasure.
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  • Meditation: through sexuality being attached to the grandiose nature
    In this meditation, you can focus on the feeling of oneness with nature through your own sexuality.
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  • Direct suggestions
    This is a direct way to communicate to your own body and mind how important sexual pleasure is to you.
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  • If relaxation is possible, so is excitement
    If you attain a certain control over your own degree of relaxation, then you can also learn to control your degree of sexual arousal.
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  • Reacting with excitement to the presence / the touching of your partner
    In your imagination you can prepare your own body in a respectful manner to show the desired reactions under the appropriate circumstances.
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  • Stimulating sexually coloured dreams
    By making contact with yourself you can, in a general sense, exert some influence on your dreams. You invite your subconscious to create in your dreams an appropriate place for your sexuality.
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  • Arousal-anchors during intimacy
    You condition your body and mind to become more excited by means of anchors that you can select yourself.
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  • In imagination standing before a mirror and accepting yourself such as you are
    In your imagination you are standing before a mirror and observe yourself. You accept yourself and in spite of,or precisely because of, the flaws, you learn to look at your body as an inexhaustible source of sexual pleasure.
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  • In imagination frankly talking with partner: what gives pleasure
    Talking with a partner about your own sexual desires is not easy for many people. During this exercise of imagination, you can assess your own reactions and those of your partner.
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  • The potion of optimum sensuality
    In your imagination you take a very special ‘love potion’. The components of this potion dissolve in your body and make you sensually and sexually excited.
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  • Reliving a good sexual experience in imagination
    By reliving a satisfactory sexual experience from your memory in a state of deep concentration, you give your body the chance to prepare itself for this again.
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  • In search of conditioning in childhood
    You search a possible condition in your childhood that provokes your inability to completely blossom sexually. If you find such a condition, then you can work improve it by accepting it.
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  • Control room for the control of sexual agitation
    You go to an imagined room where you can regulate your own sexual agitation with the use of special equipment.
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  • Your agitation follows your 'played' agitation
    You imagine that you 'play' an agitation. However, quickly enough a real agitation follows the played one as if it's continuously attracted to it. You keep playing further and the  real agitation continues to follow this game.
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