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The aim

With this indication, you can if you wish go deep within yourself to search your own sexual disposition. The main intention is that you get even with yourself, with who you really are. It is explicitly not the intention of this indication that you change your sexual disposition into something that is forced upon you from outside.


There is an ongoing discussion about the presence or absence of a genetic determination of homosexuality/heterosexuality. One forgets rather easily that the human mind is enormously flexible if you consider it in its entirety. Even if sexual disposition is genetically co-determined, the way in which you experience it, especially if you take your deepest inner self into consideration, using autosuggestion, ultimately becomes a choice. However, you should not mistakenly deal with this 'just like that'.

In every man a woman, in every woman a man

You can look at it this way: in every man something very feminine is present and in every woman something very masculine. Many people admit this only with difficulty, even to themselves. However, the acceptance of the other sex within oneself is something that can make each person strongly grow and can make him more open 'from within' to the other sex. With the necessary changes, this applies both to someone more inclined towards homosexuality and to someone more inclined towards heterosexuality.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You are the inverse of what you think you are
    In a rather naughty imagination you imagine yourself to be sexually the inverse of what you think you are. You let yourself go entirely, without any holding back. Then you examine whether this could also somehow be right for you.
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  • The ideal man or woman
    What if you would be the ideal man or woman, in the manner in which you would most like it... You imagine yourself in this. The degree to which this goes automatically in one or both cases, shows you something important about yourself.
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  • An amorous hetero couple. You alternate.
    You imagine an amorous hetero couple. Alternatively you imagine yourself as the man and as the woman. This can remain very pleasant the whole time. You observe your own emotions and thoughts.
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  • What attracts your deeper self?
    You meet in your imagination several men and women. Each time you feel deeply within your inner self what attracts you. You are totally honest with yourself, even if your deeper self surprises you.
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  • In every man a woman, in every woman a man
    You search within yourself the 'other sex'. You can also meet this other you in your imagination as a person. You imagine yourself deeply within a double role and when you return from it you feel more clearly how you want to relate in real life.
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