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A lack of self-confidence can in many fields mean a serious handicap in your life. The degree of one's self-confidence depends on the way in which he stands in life as a complete person. You cannot consciously choose for a large degree of self-confidence. It’s an ‘inner strength’.

Self-confidence grows in a spontaneous way

With AURELIS you can reach that inner strength if you open yourself to it. Your self-confidence grows in a spontaneous way and that is also the only way in which it can happen in reality. It has to come entirely from yourself. Otherwise it’s no genuine self-confidence. This is a choice that was also made at the development of this indication. What looks like self-confidence, is sometimes only a mask behind which, sometimes deeply, an anxious personality hides itself. AURELIS however helps you to no longer hide your own fear. The self-confidence that is meant here, comes from as deeply as possible. This can mean that at the surface you do not immediately appear a ‘hard one’. You can however be sure that a genuine self-confidence is eventually much more powerful and also much more stable.

Powerful instrument

AURELIS is not more (or less) than a powerful instrument with which you can work at yourself. An original self-confidence cannot be give to you by something outside you. You have to ‘deserve’ it yourself. This instrument however can mean for you too a more than considerable aid.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Towards the sources of self-image
    You return in your imagination to your childhood. Positive and negative memories become somewhat more alive. You do not need to make yourself consciously aware of undesirable memories, because hey also (and especially) work in subconscious form.
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  • Reliving former success
    Through reliving former success you obtain more self-confidence about the future. This not only has an influence on you during the session, but afterwards as well.
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  • Reworking negative suggestions
    You can look for some negative suggestions that are living inside you and place these in the right perspective through your own associations. By playing with interpretations you transform them into positive suggestions.
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  • Living as a whole person
    You are who you are. You cannot demand from yourself to change into someone you are not. You are worthy of living as a whole person.
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  • Inner guide who always supports you
    As a thanks for your deep attention in this session, you get support from your inner through advice and action. That guide is always ready for you, even if you do not consciously realize that.
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