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Often very difficult

To dare to be who you are. To dare to be who you really are very deeply within. For many people, this is terribly difficult. It belongs to the process of fitting into society itself to be able to put yourself aside. The more complex the society, the bigger the pressure on the individual can become to not let himself show, nor to others, nor even to himself. In a super-complex society, individual self acceptance can entirely disappear.


Concretely seen, self acceptance is made difficult from childhood. A child may learn that 'love' is mainly dependent upon whether or not it accords to certain standards and values that are imposed from outside, without much attention to the child itself. Already, from very young, the child learns the price: to not accept itself as such.

As an adult back to the source: yourself

As an adult, you can take for yourself the decision towards deep self-acceptance. You are not for once and always determined by what has happened before. A part of your new self-acceptance is also the acceptance that change is always possible. You can grow towards who you are. You can change while you remain completely yourself and even become yourself more. Through this, you can also more easily deepen yourself and be more present in the world (and society) as a total person. Life constantly asks for change. It never asks you to disavow yourself and become 'someone else'. By accepting yourself, life automatically becomes your ally.

A present to your children

From your own self-acceptance you can take better care of the education of your children. Simply showing yourself to them is sufficient to pass on your own strength and values and make your children into beautiful adults who have no problem with self-acceptance. Your own self-acceptance is then a present to yourself and also to them.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You become your own parent
    In your imagination you return to your childhood. You see and feel yourself as a child and at the same time you are one of your own parents. You give to yourself as a child good advice, support, love and everything that can reinforce your self acceptance.
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  • The mirror of self acceptance
    You look into a special mirror in which you see yourself in body and in mind as you really are. Perhaps that is different from how you show yourself now. You can entirely accept your own mirror image. You are 'the most beautiful and best person in the world'.
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  • The central person in your life accepts you entirely
    You imagine yourself immersed in the idea and certainty that the person you consider a central person in your life entirely accepts you. Perhaps this person is yourself, someone whom you love, or even 'God'.
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  • You are you and no one else. That's final.
    You should not let anyone tell you that you are someone other than who you really feel you are. Your self acceptance comes entirely from within, as a complete certainty that you can change if you wish.
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  • Learning to see the 'minor sides of yourself' as fantastic
    You consider the sides of yourself that you don't like. If you want to and can change something about it, you consider this a big opportunity. Otherwise, you see it as who you really are and that you're worth it. Real beauty lies in the imperfections or in the simply 'being different'.
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