Rheumatic arthritis

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Temporary solace by medication

The course of rheumatic arthritis generally proceeds with capricious ups and downs. Medication that helps today, tomorrow proves to be only active as a pseudo-pill. This makes an evaluation of whatever kind of treatment and therefore also the deverlopment of a better therapy extremely difficult. In addition to this, there is often very little overlap between signs on an X-ray and the degree of pain, inflammation etc. Rheumatic artritis is a disorder that always escapes a purely material viewpoint. People who suffer from this disorder often get a range of different medications that each brings only temporary relief or is discontinued because of its side effects.

A very different approach

AURELIS approaches the disorder from a very different angle. This is not immediately easier to prove, but nevertheless it’s a valuable and rational alternative. The pain and the inflammation of rheumatic arthritis are obviously under the influence of emotions. Also the regional blood flow that is very important to the healing process, can be improved through autosuggestion. In addition to this, the disorder is an auto-immune disorder, whereby a link with the psyche is becoming more and more plausible.

Deeper-lying feeling of unhappiness

Behind rheumatic arthritis often lurks a deep feeling of unhappiness resulting from fear, sorrow or an unsatisfied perfectionism. This leads to chronic muscle tensions and as a result of this, to unprotected joints. Small lesions can then lead to inflammation. Immobility leads to bad regional blood flow. The muscle tension and inflammation lead to pain.

Being friendly to yourself

AURELIS can help you to overcome this unhappiness in your deeper self and instead grow towards an attitude of forgiveness and of being friendly to yourself.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Joints become larger, pain relatively smaller
    In your imagination the painful joints become larger and, as a result of this, the pain and inflammation become smaller. When the joints return to the normal size, pain and inflammation once again are reduced.
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  • Imagination on a beach
    Imagination on a beach. You gradually feel the coming and going of the waves through your whole body. They bring relaxation and wash away inflammation. Everything is friendly and breathes out a spirit of deep acceptance.
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  • Inflammation dissolves in your whole body
    The inflammation in your joints dissolves into the surrounding tissues and then dissipates throughout your entire body. At this point, it is no longer a real 'inflammation' but rather a feeling of tingling and energy.
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  • Protective attention makes your joints stronger
    A painful joint asks for attention. Superficial attention however, reinforces the pain. A deep attention, like the one in this exercise, gives the joint (as a symbol) what it asks for and thus, makes the pain automatically less necessary.
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  • Stimulating your blood circulation through movement
    This session is a motivation for more physical exercise where you spontaneously avoid overwhelming pressure. As you work through this, you'll achieve better blood circulation.
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