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The last 2 characters of AURELIS stand for 'inner strength'. Reaching this is what it's always about. Also with depression, chronic fatigue, meditation etc., sessions are developed that act specifically on inner strength: the strength that comes from very deeply within, your deepest motivation, the working as it were of your 'soul' or 'inspiration'.

For everyone

You do not have to suffer from a large shortage of inner strength to significantly work with these sessions. In fact they are significant for everyone. You learn to be closer to yourself and enjoy the strength that is already present inside you. The exercises in this indication are 'pure' in the sense that you get the feeling to fly straight ahead like an arrow. There is no doubt left. You feel that inner strength has always avowedly been there and that only the full confidence in this is sufficient to fully use it.


You can combine this with 'Large source of strength' and with 'Standing strong in life'. In a certain way, the present indication is a continuation upon those exercises for the advanced. Do not try to progress too quickly. Your arrow will reach its aim on time.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Feeling the inner strength inside yourself
    Each person is enormously important, it's not that each person is less important because there are many people. By opening yourself, you can feel your own inner strength that has always been there.
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  • You are the arrow
    In your imagination, you feel like an arrow that has been fired strongly and, if necessary, transpires anything in its way towards the goal. You feel the arrow as a symbol for yourself... and then you are this powerful arrow.
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  • The pure strength of meditation
    You imagine that on a holiday in the Far East you visit a convent. You stay here during some weeks and  receive a training in meditation that calls forth an unsuspected inner strength.
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  • The sun radiates away all covering
    Sun rays are shining through you and make everything disappear, that covers your inner strength. Only an enormously powerful core remains that you can now let come to its worthy aim without distractions.
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  • Two oceans flow into each other
    You are standing at the sea and feel the 'sea' inside yourself. Both oceans are infinitely powerful. You feel how in your imagination they flow into each other and how the strength of this always belongs to you.
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