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Physical cause of psoriasis is not known

So far the physical cause of psoriasis is not yet known. The pharmacological treatment (+ light therapy) is long-term, aggressive and very unsatisfactory to many.

Stress recognised as an important factor

Most people with psoriasis recognise that a period of distress is frequently paired with an increase of their problems. Scientifically too, emotional stress has been recognised as an important provoking factor for a worsening of the symptoms. General relaxation and stress resistance are therefore an important part of any serious treatment.

Techniques of suggestion have a substantial effect

In addition to this, several techniques of suggestion have a substantial effect on psoriasis. With AURELIS you now have an instrument to apply this to yourself in an elegant way.

The door to your deeper self

Because of the very variable natural course of disease, it is difficult to examine when a treatment is effective. The use of AURELIS requires however no ‘belief’ in its effectiveness. If after a while of using AURELIS you are less burdened, then I am very glad for you. The application of AURELIS means to someone with psoriasis always more than the reduction of symptoms. It helps you in the use of your psoriasis to open somewhat more the door to your deeper self and to an integration of your whole individuality.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The skin that weeps
    You can consider scales as small hardened tears. Even more comes out through the skin: grieves, a lost dream. This changes through your attention. Instead of the scales, sorrow comes as sorrow itself and fills you with a sense of compassion for yourself.
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  • Rubbing with a special ointment
    In imagination you get a little jar with ointment with which you can rub your skin. You spend some time applying it and immediately feel its effects.
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  • A dive in ice-cold water
    You take a dive in ice-cold water. This cleanses your skin well and you feel little scales coming loose and disappearing. This feeling of deliverance follows you as you exit the water with glittering skin. Most of the scales have dropped off and your skin has become stronger than ever.
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  • A very special skin
    You have very special skin, in fact better skin than most because it feels together with you. For this reason however your skin needs something more. If it gets that, then it becomes super-strong.
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  • Blue light that shines deeply through
    You imagine a bright blue light shining upon the lesions of psoriasis, entirely through your skin. All the hardness in the cells dissolves through.
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Scientific References
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