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Influence of deep relaxation

Very generally, a diminishment of stress and deep relaxation reduce the symptoms of Parkinson's. The effect of this acts directly.

A very specific physical reaction of the brain has been proved

It has been proven that the brain can react to suggestions about Parkinson's through excretion of exactly that specific substance (dopa) that is insufficiently present in Parkinson's. This happens specifically at the right spot in the brain. This has been shown among other things with the suggestion of placebo. The diminishment of symptoms that you can experience has therefore really a physical basis and is not only present 'in perception'.

Together with other indications

This indication combines working on the different symptoms of Parkinson's. Specifically concerning trembling, you can further work with the indication 'Tremor'. Exercises concerning rigidity however, you find only here. A combination with exercises of relaxation is also indicated of course.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A total rest in which your mind and body are immersed
    You feel a total rest coming over you. In this rest, you feel immersed in both in body and mind. Symptoms of parkinsonism spontaneously diminish.
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  • The anti-parkinsonism swimming pool
    You imagine that you take a dive in a special swimming pool and immediately take powerful strokes. You feel how the symptoms of parkinsonism have much less influence upon you. This favorable effect remains after you are finished swimming.
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  • You first move your mind, then your body
    You let each movement of your body be preceded by the same movement in your mind. The movements in your mind are always smooth and result in your body better following them. You can practice this during the session(s) and afterwards with real movements.
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  • In your imagination passing through the parkinsonism gate
    You step through a special large gate that has a deep influence on you. When you step through, you feel that each time you gain more control over your symptoms. This control can express itself in an immediate reduction of symptoms or shortly afterwards.
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  • The love of the universe radiates through you
    You feel at a deep level a very big love flowing through you. It seems as if the whole universe focuses itself on you through this. The love that emanates from this gives you a strength that can reduce your symptoms.
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Scientific References
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