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A calvary

A painful articulation of the jaw is a frequent symptom that is often a real calvary to the patient. A purely physical treatment like with medication is generally insufficient. Tranquilizers and pain-killers can bring some solace in the short term, but the complaints return. To the patient this can be unbearable, what in a number of cases eventually leads to an operation. But even then the pain often returns.

Chronic muscle tension

The pain in the region of the jaw is often the consequence of a chronic muscle tension. ‘Clinching teeth together’ is often a consequence of fear, anger or stress. If these emotions are chronic and underlying, then the clinching too can become chronic. This is not necessarily tangible. Most of the pain originates from barely tangible muscle tension, if that continues long enough. This causes immobility, rigidity, bad blood circulation etc. Eventually the joint too suffers from this.

Expression of stress-with-a-meaning

All this muscle tension is the expression of stress-with-a-meaning. With AURELIS you directly act upon this meaning. It is therefore much more and more powerful than purely relaxation. In a physical sense the muscle tension reduces through this also if you are not consciously aware of it. The latter is very important. Through this the effect lasts through the day and the night, when teeth grinding occurs to many people.

Pain diminishes in a natural way

The result is that the chronic tension diminishes, the joint repairs itself and the pain diminishes or even disappears. Without medication, in an entirely natural way.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Laying your jaw in warm cotton wool
    In imagination you lay warm cotton wool around your jaw, as a sign of positive attention. Through this, the joint becomes warmer and attains better blood circulation, resulting in less inflammation and pain.
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  • Relaxation of muscles around your jaw
    The muscles around your jaw are relaxed and flexible. In this way they can better support the joint itself. The muscles quickly ache less and the joint can repair itself from previous damage.
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  • The region becomes insensible and starts healing
    The region around your jaw becomes insensitive to pain. At the same time, a healing power is present that can quickly ensure a definite healing.
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  • Relaxed jaw muscles during the night
    During the night, the muscles of your jaw relax better. The tensions of the day no longer lead to clenching in that region and can more readily escape your body and mind.
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  • Pain dissolves into a spontaneous smile
    Each time you feel pain coming up, this is a trigger to the appearance of a spontaneous smile. You can feel how the pain easily dissolves in this smile.
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