Ordinary warts in children

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Little tumors

Warts are little tumors that go accompanied with a viral infection. The mechanism of appearance and disappearance is not known. Warts generally spontaneously disappear after some months, sometimes years,.

Sprinkling with ‘holy water

In former days many methods were used: praying over the warts, sprinkling with ‘holy water’, touching the warts with colored fluid or ointment and other bizarre procedures.... Anything helps if it is convincingly brought. Not astonishingly, warts are also very sensitive to hypnosis (another form of suggestion). This effect of hypnosis is scientifically proven.

Watch out for aggressive treatments

Watch out for an all too aggressive physical treatment (such as cutting, burning, freezing, injecting with a toxic product) of simple warts. The symbolic value of this can be large and influential for the rest of your life, especially if it happens with children. An aggressive treatment is only acceptable as last resource.

AURELIS and warts

If small and not annoying, the wart is best left untouched. This means accepting something that is not immediately completely perfect, but nevertheless OKAY. In itself it is also an important message to the child. If however the wart is annoying, then you can apply autosuggestion. In this indication several techniques are brought together that are at the level of the child. This can be used with the rational explanation that the aimed effect is a kind of placebo effect. A child sometimes understands astonishingly well what adults think about this. It is also interesting as an adult to listen to it together with the child. Perhaps you can even try once to repeat the tale to your child, as a nightcap.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The warts dwarf
    This is a tale about the warts dwarf who passes by each night to file away a piece of the wart with his little file. The better you visualize the dwarf, the easier he finds his way and knows what to do.
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  • The warts disappear if you entirely accept them
    Perhaps the warts are hurting you, but precisely this is why it's important that you listen to them. They do not want to hurt you, they are only a bit stupid and unwilling to hear.
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  • The warts go to warts country
    The warts go to warts country when they are ready for it. They almost always are ready to go after six months to two years. You can accelerate this simply through this deep attention.
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  • A little prince takes a walk with his warts as friends
    There was once... a little prince who was regularly teased by little warts. Once upon a time he became awake at night and then happened the most marvellous adventure...
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  • Choosing a color on a color palette
    You choose a color that fits you and of which at the same time you strongly have the feeling that the color can remedy your wart(s) at least partially. In your imagination you apply this color to your wart(s) while you sense your intention.
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Scientific References
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