Multiple sclerosis

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Autoimmune disease

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease whereby the immune system turns against the person’s own nervous tissue. The link with the psyche is therefore in principle very close. This is however, hard to prove through the use of scientific experiments, if only because MS is a disorder that can have a very diverse course. However, it is for instance rather clear that serious distress is a risk factor for the appearance of a new attack. In any case, in light of the possible invalidating character, for a person with MS it is important to seize all chances for prevention and therapy or revalidation. It is my opinion that AURELIS can really make a big difference.


For prevention, a deep and daily relaxation exercise is interesting. Also working with the possible under-lying chronic anger can be important. Moreover, working on a powerful and non-aggressive immune system is indicated. For these different aspects, specific AURELIS indications can be applied.


At the beginning of an attack it is especially important to get the appropriate medication as quickly as possible. At the same time or shortly after, and as long as function loss can theoretically improve, this AURELIS indication can be used. This is absolutely worth it. Function loss can always improve more or less after each attack. Nervous tissue is fairly flexible in how it can repair itself after damage. Research indicates even more possibilities in this direction than was thought in former days. Negative suggestion can slow down convalescence. Positive suggestion can accelerate and enhance convalescence.

Self reliance

You heighten your well-being by taking things into your own hands. A positive attitude, musculation and a proper place for this AURELIS indication are useful elements. Besides this, also look at other AURELIS indications of well-being. Permanent attention for well-being and self reliance is especially important for MS.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Light that makes nerve cells heal themselves
    In your imagination you let a special blue light shine through your central nervous tissue. This has a very beneficial influence on all nerve cells.
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  • Powerful, relaxed muscles
    You learn to keep your muscles in the domain between spasticity and muscle weakness. In imagination, you are busy while you motivate yourself to bring it to reality.
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  • The cool building in the desert
    In your imagination you are somewhere in a cool building in the midst of an enormously extended, hot desert. The big contrast between coolness and heat gives you energy towards the healing of your nervous tissue.
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  • Limiting the damage in your own nervous tissue
    In your imagination you drive around in an extremely small vehicle inside your own nervous tissue. At each plaque you look at how you can limit the damage. Your most important instruments  are feelings of love and inner strength.
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  • The treating MS-UFO
    You are present inside a UFO where a very special apparatus is present. One way or the other you float to the inside of that apparatus where a treatment of your MS is carried out. The only thing that you feel from this is a slight and special kind of vibration.
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Scientific References
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