Meditations at the seaside

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The sea as invitation

The sea is to many people an obvious symbol of the subconscious. The grandeur, the distant horizon, the eternally equal and always alternating character. The feeling of infinity and ogling distance. An infinite number of waves and wavelets. The straight uninterrupted line of the horizon. All these elements are inviting for the ‘sea inside’. A contact with the sea can always be an invitation for contact with one’s deeper self.

Ode to the sea

You can consider this indication as an ode to the sea. I hope that for many, it can also be an agreeable invitation to live this in all openness, without inhibitions. You can let yourself go entirely in a pure and deep enjoyment. Then you can also reach a kind of depth that is perhaps deeper than you expected. That is okay. You can feel free in this. The sea is there for everyone and it’s also equal to everyone.

On the beach

If you go to the real sea, it can be nice to take along something from these sessions inside yourself. Do not try to draw certain feelings towards you, because that is the best way to push away the necessarly spontaneous aspect of it, but inviting it is always possible. Therefore, if you hold in your mind something from a session that you found beautiful, while the sea really shows itself to you, you can get an ‘experience in the square’. Anyway, what you feel then, is what you are.


I think that we may be very grateful for this very beautiful world. Including the sea. Including ourselves, because we are made in such a way as to be able to enjoy all this. Infinitely, such as the horizon of the sea and the ‘world thereafter’.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The goddess of the sea
    Your are standing on the beach. You look slowly from left to right and then straight ahead again. While you do this, you feel a mounting presence of the goddess of the sea. You finish with a direct contact.
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  • The ocean within yourself
    You are looking out over the ocean and feel the ocean inside yourself. They are a symbol for each other and it occurs to you that you are experiencing a complete unity at a deep level which creates a very deep relaxation.
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  • The total sea
    You look at the sea in a straight manner and it appears that the whole sea is near you, both the horizon and the little waves playing at your feet. As if you are entirely in contact with everything that is sea andthe sea is there entirely for you.
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  • A walk on the beach in the morning
    Beach. Sea. You. Clouds. The sun. Sea Birds. A light breeze around you. All these elements are continuously in motion and you can immensely enjoy both this alternation and consistency. Everything is okay.
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  • A sunset in immense rest
    There is a fantastically beautiful sunset cou wholeheartedly enjoy . The sun sets in beautiful colors, bringing an immense rest over the sea, landscape and your internal mental landscape. The rest permeates through you with full strength.
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